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Monday, February 19, 2007

2nd Day of CNY

It’s the second day of Chinese New Year and wakey up to listen to New Year song. Just felt that I need to put something on my blog, otherwise like something not right..haha..
Well, this year’s CNY is celebrated quite mild in my family as grandma pass away last year, so many relatives are not back this time around as most of them are either out of state or overseas. Nevertheless, as Chinese, my family still have reunion dinner although it is not like years ago where the atmosphere is noisy and filled with laughter and ‘noises’ of humans!!!!

Well, CNY wouldn’t be the same in the Limies family again..I guess will need to wait till my sisters and me get married, have a few little tots running around before the atmosphere would be back to ‘normal’…hehehe…

Oh ya, I believe this is the first year too that my family took so many family pictures. So I decided to upload one here to be shared with all..Happy Chinese New Year!! Oink Oink!!
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