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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Guardian’s been a few days since I was back but it seems that I’m not very productive every time I’m back. It’s not like I don’t like to be back home but somehow when I’m back, the attitude of striving to study hard and concentrate is harder as there are more temptation in the house. For one thing, the DVD is already killing me because I seem to be catching up on all the pass movies which I did not watch.

Anyway, just to share on this movie I’ve just watch-The Guardian. Basically, the movie is about US Coast Guard where the star, named Ben Randall is like a legend in USCG as he has saved many lives during his service. However, fate took a twist when during one of his saving expedition in sea, his whole crew was sacrifice caused by mishap. Although movie critics said it wasn’t a good movie, I personally felt that it was a meaningful especially one part when the Captain of the school said, ‘once accepted as a Rescuer in the United States Coast Guard, you live a life with mediocre pay but an opportunity to save life!’
That sentence brought meaning to me as I admire their attitude towards work. Focusing on duties and honour rather than how much is the salary or what are the pecks that I’ll be getting.

May everyone in this world have that kind of attitude when serving in their respective profession. I believe there is no such thing as the most prestigious job or the most respected position, as long as everyone play their role in this society and not be too calculative, maybe one day, each person would learned that there is a role for everyone to play in a community, whether it’s to clean up the rubbish of others, washing the cars of others, planning a new township, making policies for the nation or leading the people towards a better future. Each has a part to play in order that a body can function properly.
Imagine one day if your anus decided to not work..fooyoh..I guess it’s really ‘shit’ literally =p


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