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Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Macroeconomic Lecture

It's another early morning for me since the beginning of the semester in July. Friday is dreadful for me in a sense that I've macroeconomics class. This subject has been my weakest in all my economics paper since the time I was introduce into the world of economics. It's not that this paper isn't interesting or what but somehow or rather I can't seem to grasp the concept even after discussion with others. And to make things worse, lecturer is not helping either. He just come into the class without a clear pro-forma of the course and teaches anything that comes into his mind, drawing the whole board for two hours and saying "Aiya, itu you pun tak tau. I nak tumbang!" Translated it means (in Malaysian English); Aiya, like that also you don't know. I want faint!

No proper references are given and no notes for the diagram given to ease our understanding. I wonder is this the local teaching system or is it universal in other universities e.g. Harvard, Oxford etc
I mean how to they (lecturers) expect you to listen and copy the notes all in the same time especially when the talking is done in a fast manner. We are not computers where you can run few programmes simultaneously..Hey man, I'm just a mere human!!
Therefore at times, I think as a student, what can I do?

Since I've no chance to change the system as it's out of my circle of influence, so I guess I'll have to do the 'normal' stuff which is just work hard and study hard by reading on my own while hope that I really understand what I'm reading.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why My University standard is dropping?

My university was and I believe is still the best university locally as there are still so many students who are just waiting eagerly to enter for their tertiary education. The ranking issue that was brought up during the last two years by Times Higher Education isn’t a big issue; in fact it shouldn’t be an issue anyway. Why is the University administration trying to protect itself and coming up excuses like their survey was bias and not fair. We should be confident with our standard, such as producing Leaders since 1905; which is the university’s tagline for the moment. As long as we know what kind of graduates we’re producing, why do we even care what others write?

If our graduates are still sought after upon graduation, I guess that would be the better guideline than what some ‘mat salleh’ talk and write about my university. SADLY, my university’s academic workforce is still not up for the challenge ahead. Forgive me, but I’m not generalizing again that all the Professors are un-qualified here, only certain of them and those who are still carrying the title of ‘Encik’.

I’m taking a subject now called Demography which is suppose to be an interesting subject to study and learn. However, after almost half a semester, I’m not too sure what I’m learning in class. It’s kind of repetitive and no new syllabus is introduced. Even tutorials are not held but he claims that it is. WHY?? Ironically, the answer given when students question whether tutorial is on, the lecturer would answer, ‘tutorial memang ada, pasti dating ya tapi saya tak datang!’—literally means tutorial is on, make sure you come but I won’t be there.

With this kind of lecturer’s attitude, no wonder our standard is dropping. You might say that this is an isolated case but I can assure you these is only one of the example I’m able to write because if I bad mouth too much, who’s going to employ me after I graduate later next year as they know what our true standard is. =p

Monday, August 13, 2007

Where are we heading after 50 years of LIBERTY??

Although we have been hearing this shouts of liberty for the last 50 years in our Malaysian life, since the life of my parents till my generation, every year when 30 August nears; there will be advertisement and politicians or historians talking about how their generation or our forefathers have fought for our independence. I know I didn't personally went through all these events in history but who say that you need to be there to really understand what is LIBERTY to citizens of Malaysia..

And this time it isn't far too different too as I start to see advertisement by Petronas and other corporate companies coming out with advertisement; then you have politicians coming out to discuss about Malay birth rights, whether Malaysia is a secular state or an Islamic state and other issues. I'm really sadden to hear when all these issues are brought forward. Knowing what the nation has been through, it makes me want to cry that we don't seem to be moving forward as a nation even though we have all these government programmes going on since after Independance 50 years ago.

As an economics undergraduate and going through all the reports and plans that the government have for us since Independance, I realise that many plans although sounds good and beneficial for the nation, I also realise that the graph is skewed towards a certain race. Even though the government denies it till the last breath and justify their actions are for the good of the nation, I wonder how come there exist certain clause that sides 'bumiputera' of the country, which are mostly Malays. Before continuing, I must rectify that my stand here is to clarify and not to stir up racial sentiments like many bloggers are accuse for when writing such stuff in their blog. How come Felda settlers are Malays and there's such thing as special Bumiputera right when buying houses and other related property? And in developing areas of the country, how come certain areas are given more emphasis then other places?
What I'm trying to project here is the thought that many forsakes or take for granted. I mean just an analogy, when talking about special rights- Is our government telling us that there's a different between a poor Malay citizen and a poor other race citizen? Another question that lingers in my mind, why should a Malay millionaire who buys property get the special benefits while an OTHER race labourer have to pay the full amount? I mean I don't need a university degree to tell me that there's something wrong in this picture right?

Talking about special rights of the Bumiputera.. I believe that since it's in the constitution and that was agreed like ages ago..Maybe..Just maybe we (the non Bumiputear) would not question it further but I believe that if the nation feels that a re-look into what our forefathers have agreed upon. I mean even the United States of America has adment their constitution a few times after the Revolution and when deem necessary by their leaders. Saying about racial intergration and cohesiveness among people of different origin is different between these two nations, I would put it as *crap& bull sh$t*-do forgive the language-the reason I say so is because the US is made up of many races too. You have the blacks, Hispanic, South Americans, Koreas, Japanese and many other smaller nations that have gone there. Don't get me wrong that I'm saying they are our role model; coz they have tonnes of their own problems too. The questions that lingers in my mind is this: Will a non-Bumiputera be the next Prime Minister when Malaysia goes into the next general election when BN will DEFINITELY win again? Will the next IGP/chief of military or whatever they call it as be a non-Bumiputera? Will Ram (not sure of his full name but he's the most senior sytem judge in Malaysia's court of Appeal; sorry Sir for forgetting your name and honourific) be the next President of the Appeal Court?

Questions like above at times make me think, will I ever have the opportunity of being the next Prime Minister of Malaysia in 30 years time? DEfinitely not, especially with our current state. Going back to what I was talking about the US, I mean with all their short comings and discrimination, at least Mr. Obama has a chance to the next US President, people like Rice and the previous chief of staff are held by non-Whites (which I personally equate with Bumiputeras here in Malaysia).

With all that is going in our country, I don't know what role could I play since I might join the statistics and be one of those who will immigrate out of this beloved land that I grew up to better pasture, somewhere my 'inteligence' and 'skills' are really appreciated..Just maybe..Coz who knows, maybe one day I might just wake up from bed and say 'To hell with all those politicians up there, why not I join the system to start some changes then just writing in this blog where people might or might not read and then forget' =p

Anyway, to those Bumi friends that I have in my residential college and University..If you happen to be reading this recent blog that I wrote, I hope that it would be taken in good faith and I don't mean to generalise that all Bumi's are 'bad'. I'm just being the realist that I am while trying to make this world the "ideal" place where when we shout 'Merdeka..merdeka..merdeka..' Those words will truly ring our patriotism that every Malaysians should have..No more such comments like 'Kenapa Cina macam tu? Kenapa u orang ni atau orang tu cakap macam tu?'

Lastly, I pray that God will continue to watch over us as a nation. New generations should be more incline towards national politics and care for the growth of Malaysia..
God bless MALAYSIA