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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who cares if Anwar is just another Pinocchio?

The following article is written by someone who is my senior in UM, as I was told. His name is Mr. Khoo Kay Peng and here is one article written by him which I would like very much to share. For creditability, it's taken from

Khoo Kay Peng | Sep 26, 08 5:22pm
Some people are too fixated with deadlines and Anwar Ibrahim. It does not matter if a change of government does not happen on 16/9, 23/9 or 1/10. It does not matter if Anwar is just another Pinocchio. Even if Anwar becomes the next prime minister, he will not be able wish away our problems instantaneously.

There is no short cut to solve our political and socio-economic problems. Instead of arguing on the dates, it is best for Malaysians to work together to set the agenda for the next prime minister and his administration.

If Anwar fails to take over government, do we abandon our desire for change? The movement for change is not about Anwar or his party alone. It is about our desire to make our country a fairer and better place to live in. Anwar as prime minister or Najib as prime minister will have to deliver the exact same results for the society. Nothing less.

We cannot ignore this momentum for change. Since the Mar 8 General Election, many more Malaysians now believe a change for the better is not something remotely impossible. Those elites who rule this country at their whims and fancies will soon have to realise that the right to govern comes with a huge responsibility to deliver goodness for the society.

We should not argue over dates. It does not matter if a change of government materialises on 16/9, 23/9 or 1/10. The reality is a change has begun and it is impossible for this momentum to be rolled back. Any coalition governing this country knows that it cannot again rest on its laurels.

Shouldn't we then work together to set the next agenda for the new administration? Surely, whoever leads the country must ensure that Malaysia flourishes on the rule of law. In the light of the current abuse of draconian law such as ISA, we should call for the repeal of all draconian laws which trample on universal human rights.

A loud signal should be sent to the next PM that we cannot tolerate a home minister like Syed Hamid Albar, who despite his legal qualification, is totally clueless about fundamental human rights. A person like him must not be given a full access to absolute discretionary power.

Next, we want to reinstate judicial review to provide a necessary check-and-balance on unlimited ministerial power. Separation of power is key to a healthy democracy. Anwar or Najib must be committed to reviewing the ministerial power.

Anwar is committed to abolishing the ISA. Is Najib willing to do the same?

A key point to the agenda is the imminent review of the New Economy Policy. This policy was introduced as a result of the outcome of the inclusive Goodwill Council. Clearly, after 38 years of its implementation, the policy has failed to close the intra-community income gap especially among the Malay-Bumiputeras.

Dr Mahathir, in one his blog posts, admitted the problem of giving contracts to a selective few because of the non-performance of Bumiputera companies. Those who are allocated equity shares tend to sell them off for quick money. By selling down, the Malay equity shareholding will forever be below the desired 30 percent level.

If the NEP is not fixed and its abuses curbed, local investors will be deterred to invest locally. A continuous outflow of funds affects domestic job creation, economic growth and industrial development.

Is Najib prepared to review the NEP which is a sacred cow of his party? Anwar has promised to abolish the NEP and replace it with his New Malaysia Agenda despite being accused of negating Malay rights. Current implementation of the NEP is detrimental to Malay rights.

After nearly 51 years of independence and hundreds of years of co-existence, the next PM should strive to unite all races in order to create a truly fair and equitable Bangsa Malaysia. Political rhetoric must be carefully managed to reduce racial frictions. Rightly, the curtain should come down on race-based politics.

Continuing to harp on Malay supremacy or the controversial social contract is not going to take this multiracial society forward. Are we not ready to move forward just because politicians claim that we are not? Malaysians should decide their own fate and not allow a bunch of self-centered politicians to do it for us. A united Malaysia is better than one which emphasises race divisions.

Now, can we agree to lose our fixation with dates and focus on the next agenda? Malaysians must show that we are dead serious about change. Most people are resistant to change including you and me. But change we must in order to build a Malaysia where everyone with the right skills, determination, talent and creativity can flourish.

Otherwise, we should blame our shallowness.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why is Najib apologising on behalf?

Click above to read on Haris Ibrahim's posting or read below, except taken from

VoxPop: 'Why is Najib apologising?'
Sep 3, 08 10:40am
Ahmad-bashing continues

Stephen Ng: Bukit Bendera Umno division head, Ahmad Ismail who made a racist remark recently during the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign did not apologise. Instead, it was the Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Razak, who made a public apology on behalf of Umno.
It is not an understatement to say that all Malaysians abhor the racist remarks made by Ahmad in his capacity as Umno divisional chief and for him to claim that he did not mean what he had uttered is as good as saying that his words and actions were that of an underaged person.
As a divisional leader, Ahmad should be personally responsible for the remarks that he had made, and we urge the deputy prime minister as the BN whip to take disciplinary action against Ahmad.

As an observer of Malaysia’s political drama, I am impressed by Anwar Ibrahim’s reprimand of the Penang deputy chief minister as well as the sacking of the Selangor menteri besar’s aide over allegations of improper conduct. It shows that no one is spared the axe if a wrong is done.
On the contrary, the nation has seen how the former state assemblyman of Selangor, the late Zakaria Md Deros, escaped any form of disciplinary action after a controversy involving him and his family was revealed.

I cannot help but urge Najib to exercise his authority as BN whip. The unhappiness expressed by the Chinese in Malaysia cannot be placated by an apology by Najib. Ahmad as divisional chief should take personal responsibility for his seditious comments.
The sad part is that he had uttered these words in the presence of the DPM and under the watchful eyes of the police as well.

Nantha Kumar: Well, proof that the Umno-led Barisan Nasional government practices racism has finally been revealed. What is the prime minister going to say now after all his talk of unity and respect for people regardless of race or religion?

His own party is now talking about racism. This is the main reason why the Barisan ship is sinking and very soon it will be gone. To Umno, please stop stirring up such negative sentiments. People are sick and tired of your political double-talk and hypocrisy.

MILLIONTH CITIZEN: So, Mr PM, the rakyat is waiting to see what action you are going to take against Ahmad Ismail for making such inflammatory racist remarks. Many police reports have been lodged by various parties on the matter. Don’t tell me you are going to remain silent? What action are you going to take to correct this racist man?

Such racist arrogance can only be displayed by Umno. Where is Ahmad? Why isn’t he explaining himself? Has his bravado deserted him now that he is in trouble? Come out and defend yourself. We, the rakyat, are waiting for an explanation.

Chuacj: The prime minister said Ahmad did not mean what he said. Does this mean the issue should be swept under the carpet?

In the world of Umno, if you take a gun and shot somebody, will there be no case if you say you didn’t mean to commit murder? If Ahmad didn’t mean his words, there are only two explanations as to why he made the remarks.

Firstly, it was an honest opinion straight from the heart. This means the words just came out from his mouth without going through his brain. If this is the case, then Ahmad is a very dangerous man as he is full of hatred. Just think want will happen if he has more power.
Secondly, he purposely played up racial sentiments to pit the various races against each other. If this is the case, shouldn’t he be charged under the Internal Security Act?

Pendatang/Squatter/Immigrant: This is an appeal Lee Chong Wei. As described by a prominent politician, you are an immigrant. You did not represent your country to win a silver medal at the Olympics. The medal you won is worthless.

Maybe you should send that medal elsewhere, where it will be appreciated. Winning a medal means nothing if your country does not recognise and appreciate you for it. And I don’t mean plying you with money and gifts.

Eileen: I come from a kampung where the Chinese and Malays lived side by side in harmony. I remember during Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji, our kitchen would be full of kuih, ketupat and beef curry.

And during Chinese New Year, my mother would be busy making tons of kuih bakul for all our Malay friends.

During the local fruits season, our house would be full of rambutan, mangosteen and durians, fresh from the backyards of our Malay friends.

We were all very naive and lived happily together. We didn't know what racism was until ‘ambitious’ politicians introduced it to our lives when they came to our village to canvass for support. They used racist policies to pit us against each other in order to cling on to power.
For the past 51 years, politicians have been poisoning us. This was especially evident during the March general election and the recent Permatang Pauh by-election.

After 51 long years of struggle, is it too much to ask that we all get along and respect each other? I hope the rakyat will bury their differences and give Anwar Ibrahim a chance to lead Malaysia forward.

Ponderish Term

As I was reading the morning papers and saw that our DPM mention for the first time (at least for me) on printed media the term Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian as he apologise for the statement made by Bukit Bendera UMNO Chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail.

This term caught my attention as I personally have been discussing and pondering much on how should it be. Question that I ask myself is whether I am a Chinese Malaysian or a Malaysian Chinese (as Najib said).

Some define that the proper term should be Chinese Malaysian as 'chinese' is the adjective, thus, making Malaysian the core meaning behind.

Nevertheless, I am still not sure and would appreciate anyone who would enlighten me which is ME!! Am I a Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysian??

--although it doensn't make a big difference which one is which but it does when someone purposely wants to 'fight' on the issue-- (@_@)

On the other note, although I'm glad the UMNO deputy made an apology but I must comment that it doens't sound sincere as it is also claim that he spoke on his personal capacity.
What I want to say is that our leaders should be more responsibility and accountability when making such statements as YOU represent the people. Have balls to admit you made such a statement and be bold enough to stand up to face the concequences. This damn politicians (many of them) can say anything and hide behind their so called BIG figures. PKR sama, sekarang UMNO juga sama.

Can someone tell me which politician that I can look up too currently? Many seems corrupted or too wise to remain behind the scene and appear 'holy'. Or am I disillusion now after the tsunami??