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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kudos to FEA Com Lab..Acah la!!

Well, it’s another day spent in the computer lab of my lovely faculty, FEA!!

But nowadays, the FEA computer lab has been given a face lift as they just introduce a computer system to check our matrix card. Only valid students of the faculty would be given entrance. However, as smart as almost all Malaysian projects seems to have, they somehow forgotten an important issue which is you need to notify all students first of the future changes. How could they implement a new system without letting us know, at least a week’s notice would be fine..

It’s so ironic that you can only register yourself inside the computer lab while at the same time, not having the access into the room itself. But as always, Malaysians would find a way to pass through the system and I got my card registered. Kinda annoying don’t you think!! But I must congratulate the faculty for spending money or should I say investing into something worth it…Kudos!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value. We publish below a description of use of water for our readers.For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses. The water treatment had been found successful by aJapanese medical society as a hundred percent cure for the following diseases:
* Headache * Body ache
* arthritis * fast heart beat
* epilepsy * excess fatness
* bronchitis * asthma* TB
* Meningitis * Kidney and Urine diseases
* vomiting gastritis * diarrhea
* piles * diabetes
* constipation * all eye diseases
* womb cancer * menstrual disorders
* ear nose * throat diseases

1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink four glasses of water each of 160 ml.
2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes.
3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.
4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for two hours.
5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink four glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to four glasses per day.
6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.

The following list gives the number of days of treatment required to cure main diseases:
1. High Blood Pressure 30 days
2. Gastric 10 days
3. Diabetes 30 days
4. Constipation 10 days
5. Cancer 180 days
6. TB 90 days

Arthritis patients should follow the above treatment for only 3 days in the first week to be followed by daily treatment. This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement of treatment you may have to urinate a few times.

Good Health to you all.......

Friday, March 23, 2007

Appreciation Night 2007

As the title shows, Appreciation Night 2007 or AP Night 2007 was a night my friends and I organise last week for AIESEC in University Malaya. This blog is dedicated to all the weaknesses and improvement, not to forget the short comings of the event to remind myself and if you think that you can benefit from what I've got to say, then do read on...

As before the start of the event, our organising committee (OC) has make the GREATEST mistake in making a wrong decision which is estimating wrongly the number of guest. We should have gone through previous records or find out past year's attendance number which is the most crucial info especially in an event where you require guest who pays to be there. We only realise this mistake after we've confirm everything from venue and prices. I guess if we were on 'The Apprentice', Donald Trump would have fired the Project Manager for overlooking this crucial info. Another mistake was being over confident is away..The OC's which included me were so sure that we are making a night for all to remember because we had gotten great sponsors and I really do mean great sponsors as the ticket was beautiful, door gifts were fantastic (V-Soy, Drinks from Nescafe, voucher from DIGI&Domino Pizza, Cash voucher from a spa shop, even the bag itself was sponsored)..talking about sponsorship, our weakness was we didn't manage to obtain sponsors in cash which is crucial to an event. But to re-affirm, I believe in the time frame given, we did 'hell' of a job (maybe not me, the other OCs) in organising a night within one month; another weakness to mention, the OCs should have been formed earlier, at least 3months grace period if you expect something of standard. This scenario isn't something new in LCUM I guess since all application for Organising Committee President is always

Moving on to the day but before the event, caution to all future projects, when it's already on the crucial day, make sure you are not late and don't delay your rehearsal as that is already a last minute thingy..anything delayed will eventually invite disaster. As the saying goes: If you fail to prepare, you're preparing to fail.. So as you would have guess, we did not manage to perform a full rehearsal which lead to a hysterical event flow, changing as we seem fit..

Since we did not perform our rehearsal in time, not forgetting not having sufficient time to change into our pretty and smart outlook, we ended late in receiving the arrival of our guest of honour which is like the BIGGEST mistake that day. Without many of the OCs knowing who he his, only I have seen him..He actually walked into the ballroom without anyone's notice..How embarassing!! Note to all future organisers, you (as in the President, protocol director and few 'big shots' of the organisation0 should know exactly who are you waiting for and at least be there waiting for him/her half an hour earlier before the said time and not forgetting, obtain his/her contact number in case s/he doesn't turn up.

For the performances, I would suggest if possible that you at least know exactly what their quality is like, especially if they happen just to be a friend's friend, if you know what I mean. Please don't mis-quote me though, I mean I appreciate what my friend did as it wasn't an easy task of getting your friends to perform for FREE!! However, sometimes you just need to be 'hard' and insist that you at least see their performance to know whether they are actually up to it. My case happen like this..The group was suppose to perform a gig but it turn out that it was his first public performance which is fine with me but the thing is he got so freak out and forgotten his totally gone!! As partially being in-charge for the event flow, I was shock to say the least. Their performance really made our guest felt uneasy and some were seen leaving to get a breath..However, the second performance which we have seen before was a blast as they manage to bring the crowd attention back. Thank God for that!! The MC for the night was also superb as she was easy to work with and she really brought 'life' back into the crowd. So, although I can say MC isn't the sole factor but it definitely is worth searching for a suitable candidates...

Well, as all not so good event goes..The most important part is the END because if your guest are able to leave with at least a smile on their face and had a good time, I guess in a way you can say that it was acceptable, not perfect but at least not a disaster. Solution is to know who are your crowd and what's their preference. We were lucky that AIESECers loves dancing especially square dances, so the solution was to play square dances and they naturally blend into the atmosphere..In a way, it somehow end well.. far I guess these are a few points that I can think of. If there is any comment or you somehow have experiences you would like to share, do comment here in my blog..

Will drop some thoughts here again when it's possible. Got to head back to my literature reviews now. 20 of it..Really a bummer!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rainy day in FEA

It's another rainy day yet again in KL, just finish my lecture on Malaysia's economy and as I walk out of my lecture hall, to my horror, it was raining already. So, the next best thing to do is to head towards my computer lab which is open till 9pm..I guess this is one of the good things that my faculty provides for its students. Otherwise I think I'll just have to hang around till the rain stops.
Anyway, I owe you Dwagie if you're reading this post as it's been a long time since I last wrote something. Can you believe it that's it has been a month ago since I last visited my own blog. Hmm..I guess I'm not really a "true" blogger who can seem to not eat and sleep throughout the night just to make sure the blog has been updated eh...
Well, just for your perusal-this sentence is always being use by one of my lecturer who I respect a lot when she mails out lecture notes or tutorials to all of us..Anyway, back to my story..I just organise Appreciation Night 2007 for AIESEC in University Malaya which was a success in it's own way, I mean, let's just put it this way, I believe all projects have its glitches and also glory..Although I can shout to the top of my lungs that I went 100% smooth but I personally felt that it was above average la..Embarrassing moment of the day was when our guest of honour arrived without our knowledge..I guess an event can't start up more screwed up than what we did..haih
Thank God, he was kind enough to be patient and did not blare up his temper and storm out of the event. That would be even more embarrassing!!!

Switching to other matters take took place since my last post, my birthday went pass on the 28th of February, making me officially older than my peers, not to mention looking forward to the general elections which everyone is predicting about..haha..I wonder how does it feel since you get a say in who wins a seat..Maybe all citizens should think more deeply before crossing the ballot since that decision would last for 5 years. Putting an idiot or a mediocre up in a seat without doing the talk s/he promise would definitely 'hamper' the progress that all Malaysians need. I'm not sure where is our country heading even though the leadership of Pak Lah is believe to be good but I guess only time can proof everything. He doesn't really stands out to be a leader such as Tun M but I still believe that he has his own way to play his cards..Hopefully, all the negative-ness from our last leadership era can and will be cleared off, otherwise I'm quite skeptical if we as a country can progress...
Somehow I feel that our country and citizens mentality is deteriorating, somehow I feel that we are heading back to pre-Independance rather than Vision 2020 as racial differences seem to re-surface..It just reminded me of a forum a had the other day with few 'distinguish' figure in Malaysia. One speaker even mention that non Bumiputera should 'jangan-lah diberi betis dan paha, nak-kan perut kami pula' when we were discussing about national growth, equity sharing and ASLI report. He also added that 'jangan-lah sampai May 13 berlaku sekali lagi' which my friends and I find it so provocative and not needed especially in a forum where we undergraduates of University Malaya try to promote understanding and Bangsa Malaysia spirit...
I guess I shall stop for now and continue some other days on what I think..Hopefully this blog will help polish my writing skills and also projection of thoughts as I think about what is happening in this world we 'THINK" we know so well..Shalom