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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kudos to FEA Com Lab..Acah la!!

Well, it’s another day spent in the computer lab of my lovely faculty, FEA!!

But nowadays, the FEA computer lab has been given a face lift as they just introduce a computer system to check our matrix card. Only valid students of the faculty would be given entrance. However, as smart as almost all Malaysian projects seems to have, they somehow forgotten an important issue which is you need to notify all students first of the future changes. How could they implement a new system without letting us know, at least a week’s notice would be fine..

It’s so ironic that you can only register yourself inside the computer lab while at the same time, not having the access into the room itself. But as always, Malaysians would find a way to pass through the system and I got my card registered. Kinda annoying don’t you think!! But I must congratulate the faculty for spending money or should I say investing into something worth it…Kudos!!

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