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The Thinker
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Monday, December 24, 2007

You must be BORED!

I'm so sorry to keep you waiting but time ust doesn't allow me to sit down for few hours to update what's going thru my life at the moment..sounds like excuses I know..and i dun think i wanna cover up also coz at times it's true that i'm giving excuses to myself.

Well, minus the photos and all, i'll just briefly tell onl what's going on here in Thinker's life.

Two weeks ago, i was in UK for about 10 days on an educational trip organised by the Malaysian Higher Education Ministry. 37 student council members from different IPTA were chosen to represent their universities to be the delegation.

AFter coming back, I had to attend a camp by Biro Tata Negara (BTN) in Ulu Kenas, Perak and that place was really Ulu maximum..hehe

Then after coming back, straight into Perkampungan MPP for meetings after meetings.....

This is the brief intro of everything in my life...I promise to update everything tmr since it's Christmas. Officially getting off for a day from all the 'bullshit'...Since I can't go back, might as well put the time to satisfy all those who are interested in my life (although I know it's not much coz I malas bit to write..hehe..forgive me)