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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Feeling Cheated

Today was a raining morning and I had to drive my friend’s car to work to avoid being soak wet. My friend has flown to France for a study tour and her car is in my custody for a moment till she’s back.
The thing about not driving for awhile made me forget about the basic about driving ethics such as turn off the headlight after parking the car.
After a tiring day at work, thinking of heading straight home after more than 8 hours stuck in the office only to find out that the car’s battery is flat and I can start it at all. Before that I was wondering there was something wrong with the remote control since the car didn’t respond. I was even thinking that this Kancil somehow have a sort of high tech alarm system. Being able to open the car with my key even though it was lock before hand with the alarm, I was thinking somehow the car is program to not start even after being able to enter the car. But trying to be rational, I knew that a Kancil couldn’t be equip with such tech. Then only I realized that I left my head lights on.
So, I went around Uptown looking for a mechanic. At 730pm, I was doubting that there would be anyone who would be open but thank God, there was one shop nearby that was half open. So, I ask him to help me jump start my car and to my horror, just that few seconds of him connecting to my car’s battery would cost me RM10. Even though I’m not being a cheapskate but I felt that RM10 for that ‘help’ was a little costly. However the fact that I was a damsel in distress didn’t help the situation at all. So, I had no choice but to ‘kindly’ oblige to the payment.
He even told me that he normally charge RM20 for that short help. I wondering blo*dy H%ll, that is really costly.. But looking on another perspective, who ask me to be so careless in the first place, right!!
This would definitely be one of those moments where my dad used to say: “Son, there would be times where you pay to learn.” And this would definitely be one of those times. It’s not my first time paying to learn but I always thank God that my lessons do not cost me more than what I can afford. Thank you Lord for giving me enough even when the lesson is costly.. Amen!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sexual Desires

This morning after waking up on a Sunday morning, I felt lazy to attend church service even though I know it’s not a good thing by someone who ‘preaches’ to other Christian brothers and sisters to do so. Well, to compensate myself which serves as not a good excuse, I told myself to pick up the Bible and read it for at least one hour.
I started with reading Our Daily Bread (ODB) which is kind of a daily reading prepared by some really committed Christian who are there to help Christians like me to read a Bible passage each day with the guidance of ODB. Anyway, I began with yesterday (Saturday’s) passage as I didn’t read it. The passage was relevant to me as it was talking about how Solomon warns his son about the scorpion and fire that exist in the world together with all the other beautiful stuff such as roses, the sun rise, love etc. It’s a metaphor that projects that not all things are perfect caused by the deeds of men through sin. So it is with SEXUAL PLEASURE!!
Many young people (including me) of this new era take sex as something very pleasurable and as long as you love me and I love you or if the time and place is right then lets do it. I was brought up to believe that sex is a very sacred thing which has to be uphold no matter under what circumstances. Being a young men, facing the challenges of growing up in an urban city of KL, where girls are more ‘open minded’ or ‘loose’, keeping sex sacred seems like age old myth. The new term that my friends say is modern era already, keeping sex till marriage is old school; having a night of fun in a club where touchy touchy fingers roam the body is nothing because we are both just having fun. At times I feel so tempted to do the same also and there are times when I fail to uphold my beliefs with the thought of ‘since everyone is doing it, why can’t I?’ But every time that happens, a feeling of guilt builds up in me, some feelings that acknowledge that I’ve sin and betrayed what I tell others I believe.
God has intended intimate physical encounter to be between two people who are spending their entire life together, meaning through the holy matrimony of marriage. Sex especially should be kept and protected for the one you truly love and not just for lust. I know saying all these stuff is easy, the ‘protecting’ part of it that is tough especially when the smaller head is taking charge.
So, a few pointers that my dad and I have discuss before about this same topic, there are ways to ensure that we are able to hold on to what we believe in. Some practical ways are to keep the situation ‘safe’. What I mean is don’t let yourself in a situation where you are prone to commit what you know are wrong; keeping your conscious strong and awake and if there is a need to, run away (not literally) from it. Even God’s disciple-Joseph ran away when his master’s wife tried to seduce him. Let God reassure us that in every difficult situation, He is always there to provide a path to get out, no matter how narrow or small is the path. Secondly, which is the best I think is to dun even indulge in it. Meaning to say if you know that going clubbing will make you prone to run your fingers on ‘prohibited’ areas, then the best would be to abstain from it in the first place. The problem with many of us is that we ‘feel’ and notice that I use the word ‘feel’ because we don’t know for sure; we would be able to control ourselves. Few times have I visited club house and see all this girls getting drunk and drinking with so called friends who you just met like one hour ago or even lest and that person is giving you such a feel good time. Ohh..of course it’s a feel good time because that guy is going to have an even better time when he brings you back to bed. I feel pitiful for these girls because they are so lost in their world that they think sexual desires would be able to ease their suffering of the world.
Even though many in the world don’t believe that God does really exist, I must challenge your view that Christ is a gracious God who looks beyond your past history, whether you were a killer, a robber, a cheater, a liar or ‘small’ sins that we ourselves regards are forgivable sins, Christ whom has died for our sins (great or small) is able to forgive us for He is gracious and His love is everlasting. Through forgiveness, we would be able to stand tall even when the world doesn’t want us to.
1 Corinthians 10:12-13 says
“So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall! No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”

Search out in me all hidden sin,
And may Thy purify within
So cleanse my life that it may be
A temple wholly fit for Thee.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A week in L'Oreal

Wow..without noticing, I've been in L'Oreal Malaysia for 7 working days already. No wonder my boss tell me that my 8 weeks internship will be away in a blast as I'm already done with one week without 'really' noticing it..haha

So far, I've been moving around with my partner in crime-Adrian who is a management trainee in VICHY. Most of the time, he acts like my mini mentor other than boss to guide me around how things are done in the company. When visiting the outlets too, he explains how things are done and what can I learn from the whole process. I appreciate his effort because it helps me 'see' things that I take for granted. Just like what can arranging products of shelves in outlet teach me?? Adrian says that's part of merchandising and my thoughts start to open up on all the possibilities that I'm learning while doing it. The other day while I was talking to my dad, he too told me that in everything that I do for this two months, it'll somehow affect my experience and perseption on things in life. My boss also said that even though I've been given respondsibilities, I'm given handicap too to make mistakes, after all, I'm still an intern ma..haha..(but I guess that can't be use as an excuse to fumble and screw things up ya..)

I'm enjoying the process so far as VICHY is still new in the Malaysian market as the brand is tailored towards derma cosmetic which is different from normal derma products. It concentrates on inperfect skin rather than acne skin. So, the range and ingredients used is different. I'm currently trying out the products and would need to pass up a report or feedback or so on the effectiveness and my comments on it. So far, I'm quite satisfied with it but pricing is a little high la (in my opinion). But on the other hand, I guess you pay for quality of the products also.

Promotion in One Utama just ended, although it's not as grand as the one in Midvalley few months ago but it's still something to booze the brand la I think..I mean, my manager won't simply waste money on promotion like this because it's not cheap..

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Identity Crisis

I’m back in sweet quiet hometown of Kuantan. To be honest, with my background, I’m not even sure where my hometown is as I’ve been moving to places since I can remember. Let me take you on a trip of my life for the past 22 years.
I was born in another small town, Alor Setar in Kedah as that time my dad was a flying instructor based in the flying school there. I think after about one year plus, my dad was transferred to Kuantan, Pahang (which is the place I’m currently backed in). Therefore, I don’t have much of memories in Alor Setar. To keep a long story short, my family practically move to Kuala Lumpur – Kuantan again – Penang – Kuala Lumpur – Kuantan. Hmmm..with all those moving around, I’m really confuse of where I’m from. Geographically and family ties speaking, I’m from Kuantan as there is where both my parents are from, while on the other hand, I consider myself a Penangite as my youth, fond memories, close friends are all from there. Then on the next hand, biological and officially, I’m a Kedahan as that is the state where I was born. Look into my birth certificate, there it is-02 which is the state code for Kedah. BUT, I remember nuts about it..I’m really a guy with identity crisis, at least from the point of view of where I come from. Kinda hate it when people ask me this question, makes me wonder where do I belong.
Anyway, back to what I intend to write today. It’s actually my last day at home as I’ll be returning to KL by tomorrow because I shall start working in L’Oreal on Thursday. It’s my industrial training for 8 weeks as a part of my curriculum requirement. These 8 weeks will pass by real quick although the first few weeks would not be so. Before I know what hit me, I would be back in uni again, preparing to ‘suffer’ my last year in University Malaya. Three years in university passes by like lightning. I still remember vividly when I first entered UM, time seems to pass by at a slower pace then suddenly second year came and Whoa..I’m already entering 3rd and final year..
Crazy yet so true, three years is nothing if you didn’t really plan what do you want to achieve within this time frame. I mean I thought I knew what I wanted but after two years, it came to my realization that I failed to plan. There’s this saying that goes ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’.
It took me two years in uni to realize this mistake and that suddenly gave me ‘bang’ on the head as I woke up to reality. Too late as some would say but looking on the positive side, I guess I should thank Lord that I realize it before graduating. At least I still have time to rectify what I can.
Coming home has its positive side too. It’s always a bonding time for me and dad also. There’s always something to learn when I’m back, from the discussions that I have with my dad, talking about stuff from studies to politics and national issues. My dad’s view on most topics would shed light and open my thoughts to something fresh, point of view that I’ve never thought about. Really glad that my dad is someone whom I can count on. Although I have my share of scolding and spanking from him too..hehe..It all comes in a bundle I guess.
Hmm..blogging has been something new to me. Don’t really right about my feeling but it’s more about what I learn and would like to share with the world outside. Blogging is still kind of private to me but maybe hearing and reading some comments on what I wrote would be nice. So if you happen to read this, why not just drop me some comments on what I wrote, think or have to say..Greatly appreciated!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Egg-Jam Season

It’s the time of the semester again where students start to freak out by asking about tips and notes or photostat tutorials that never have been touch in their whole 4months of university life…Anyone who says he or she has notes will be hump upon by dozens of ‘vultures’ in the form of homo sapiens to gain the ‘eye’ to success..
It’s a wonder at times how we students actually study last minute and burn the midnight oil in the wee hours, going to the exam hall feeling so burn out and at times even blank in the brain for the examination then come out regretting “Oh why didn’t I start earlier?; OMG, why didn’t I read that chapter; the worst scenario, with all the expression of vulgarism—WTF, that lecturer is trying to kill us is it? So d*amn tough la..die la die la…” And you know what’s the ironic part (only for certain people lah), after all the ‘die la die la’ shouting, they somehow come out with an ‘A’..That would be the time I would say WTF too coz I only manage to score a ‘B’ or something lest while s/he got an ‘A’ when s/he said that this time ‘die la die la’..(forgive the language eh..hehe)
I’m stuck in an air condition room now trying to study 2 subjects for tomorrow but I have to admit that I’m moving quite slow or maybe very slow as focus isn’t there..I mean I should be studying now but what am I doing pula…Blogging!!
Ok lah, I guess it’s time to get back to study after taking my dinner. Somehow or rather, I need to settle both subjects within these last few hours before taking a dive into my bed. Tomorrow’s paper starts at 8.30am then continue with 11.30am…Arrgghh!!!! This time also DIE la..haha
My parents better not be reading thins otherwise I’ll kena a real good round from them especially from my daddy..Can’t blame him for that though, it’s my fault anyway for not playing my role as a student..