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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Egg-Jam Season

It’s the time of the semester again where students start to freak out by asking about tips and notes or photostat tutorials that never have been touch in their whole 4months of university life…Anyone who says he or she has notes will be hump upon by dozens of ‘vultures’ in the form of homo sapiens to gain the ‘eye’ to success..
It’s a wonder at times how we students actually study last minute and burn the midnight oil in the wee hours, going to the exam hall feeling so burn out and at times even blank in the brain for the examination then come out regretting “Oh why didn’t I start earlier?; OMG, why didn’t I read that chapter; the worst scenario, with all the expression of vulgarism—WTF, that lecturer is trying to kill us is it? So d*amn tough la..die la die la…” And you know what’s the ironic part (only for certain people lah), after all the ‘die la die la’ shouting, they somehow come out with an ‘A’..That would be the time I would say WTF too coz I only manage to score a ‘B’ or something lest while s/he got an ‘A’ when s/he said that this time ‘die la die la’..(forgive the language eh..hehe)
I’m stuck in an air condition room now trying to study 2 subjects for tomorrow but I have to admit that I’m moving quite slow or maybe very slow as focus isn’t there..I mean I should be studying now but what am I doing pula…Blogging!!
Ok lah, I guess it’s time to get back to study after taking my dinner. Somehow or rather, I need to settle both subjects within these last few hours before taking a dive into my bed. Tomorrow’s paper starts at 8.30am then continue with 11.30am…Arrgghh!!!! This time also DIE la..haha
My parents better not be reading thins otherwise I’ll kena a real good round from them especially from my daddy..Can’t blame him for that though, it’s my fault anyway for not playing my role as a student..

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