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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Campus Election-The Beginning

Life for me has taken a new turn, a shift in current if I may put so. As promise to those who constant visit my blog, now is the story I want to update all. My blog has come to a stand still for a very long time ever since I started preparing my campaign for campus election. With the last few weeks of study towards final exam, it was really a big challenge for all candidates. Although it has been a year of waiting for me, the rush of feeling did not really hit me till nomination day.
It was beyond what I can write down but I’ll try my best to do so.
The heat of campus election was felt ever since nomination day because that is when all candidates knew who their opponents were and what kind of challenges were they against. For me, the whole thing was surreal as I worried about my term as MPP since last year when ‘something’ or ‘someone’ hindered my progress. Thinking about the whole experience, I guess I may only summarise as God is looking after me. Why you might ask? Read on and you will understand.
When I was in 2nd year of studies, I had the intention to contest as candidate for Kawasan Fakulti (Faculty Seat). However, under certain circumstances and the influence of certain individual which I don’t plan to reveal here, the plan was scrap and I was told to wait another year. After waiting and some small plans, I reach my 3rd year and was partially prepared for contesting. Although I’m a ‘blue’ candidate, I told myself to not be over confident as that is the main factor that would lead to my doom. Therefore, after praying that the merciful Lord is with me, I went ahead with my plans together with my Wakil Calon who I really appreciate their effort. They were so great people, helping out in every way possible. Sometimes they can’t be with me but they were really supportive.
During nominations day itself, I faced my first challenge. The ‘opposition’ candidate brought up the issue of 16 candidates who would take office if successful and had lest than a term (1 year) to fulfill the requirements as stated in AUKU. At that moment, I was tensed as that requirement includes me. The election committee decided to put hold all campaigning. The next day when the go ahead was given to campaign, mine started late as a result my manifesto that is suppose to be given out to students isn’t ready. By the time I manage to get mine done, it was about 11am already.
Those few days of campaigning was really hectic, running to as many places as possible to fish for votes and to convince others that I’m the most qualified candidate. I slept for only about 4 till 5 hours a day, not attending lectures and forgetting the rest of things in the world. I guess if given another chance, I don’t think I would want to do it again =p Anyway, the day for counting votes came and it was suppose to happen on 2 October 2007. The counting itself took a very short time and it was tiring as the candidates had to travel to balloting centers to ‘smile’ with our possible voters. It may sound kind of fake but politicians are like that (in my opinion). It’s impossible to know each and everyone in campus but I believe as long as I’m doing it with sincerity, may God judge me.
The next tense moment for me was the counting of ballots. My wakil calons and me running practically to every station to make sure that ballots are counted with utmost transparency and trying to salvage as many ballots as possible that were deem ‘spoiled’ or ‘questionable’. To cut a long story short, I was so shock when the official results were announced. I was only hoping to qualify for the top 9 highest votes to secure a place as a MPP but never in my mind did it occur that I actually manage to secure the HIGHEST votes with 5441 (hope I remembered correctly..hehe). I was so elated that I was speechless and don’t know how to react. Somehow, that made every sorrow and suffering seems worth it at long last. Being a MPP was a personal achievement for me in campus other than the other stuff that I’ve done. This sweet victory kind of completed my cycle as an undergraduate.

To be continued….

Monday, November 12, 2007

The 'War' Has Begun

Which war you might be thingking eh?? It's the normal war that every student has to go through lah...semester final exams.
Mine just continued again after a break of about 11 days from my first paper on 1st November. Today went in to Bangunan Peperiksaan for my secound round, although I didn't turn out being 'bash' badly but I was wounded..thinking that it would be easier since everyone said it's a 'A' paper..mana tau I kena tipu in first question..The calculation to count fertility was so damn long that it took almost one hour and I only had another hour to settle another two questions...haih...What 'good' time management I have??

Although I manage to finish the paper but I wasn't satified at all since I normally have time to at least read through again once. This time i barely had time to finish it. Was still struggling to write after annoucement that students are required to stop writing--I was still frantically writing cakar ayam in my answer paper..Hopefully got 'A' la...Hmm...

Friday, November 9, 2007

"Makan Buku"

It's the time again to whack my head with literally tonnes of knowledge which I'm not sure what benefit would it bring me one day...But for the sake of exams, I've no choice but to cramp everything into my brain which God has so graciously given..Otherwise, I'll be a dumbo without one..Imagine having a body but without a brain..memang bodoh!!

Well, I've another three more days to go but it's pack with 5 papers which are back to back. Not a single day for me to rest and take a breath. Good in a way that it shall be over soon but scary in way coz I'm afraid that I would enter the exam hall with an empty brain..Biasakan, after reading one week straight with some fun time in between, the brain might just decide to malfunction when you need it the most..=p

Most of my papers are memory based, have to memorise the facts and figure to answer..not much calculation this time. Hopefully I won't jumble up the subjects like mee mamak goreng..aih