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The Thinker
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Friday, November 9, 2007

"Makan Buku"

It's the time again to whack my head with literally tonnes of knowledge which I'm not sure what benefit would it bring me one day...But for the sake of exams, I've no choice but to cramp everything into my brain which God has so graciously given..Otherwise, I'll be a dumbo without one..Imagine having a body but without a brain..memang bodoh!!

Well, I've another three more days to go but it's pack with 5 papers which are back to back. Not a single day for me to rest and take a breath. Good in a way that it shall be over soon but scary in way coz I'm afraid that I would enter the exam hall with an empty brain..Biasakan, after reading one week straight with some fun time in between, the brain might just decide to malfunction when you need it the most..=p

Most of my papers are memory based, have to memorise the facts and figure to answer..not much calculation this time. Hopefully I won't jumble up the subjects like mee mamak goreng..aih

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