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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Facing Exam Blues

First time dropping into the UM library in this semester to study as certain incidents has lead me to believe that college isn't suitable for doing my revision especially with my first paper coming this Thursday.

My personal life came under attack by certain people in my residential college. Being more personal relationship with my girlfriend. Things hasn't been all nice and beautiful all this time but we still manage to overcome it in our own ways; although her (my gf) friends doesn't 'approve' it. But then again, who's the one having the problem and facing the problem??
I understand their good intention but when you don't know the exact scenario and 'delicate' problem we are going through..just shut your big fat mouth and let we do it our way..

With them around kepo-ing , it just make things worsen as my gf gets confuse on how and what she should do. With all these 'counsellors' around giving all the b*llsh*t advices when they don't know at all about our own affairs. And last night, things just got out of hand when they try to interfere..Dah lah nak exam and bug by relationship problem, having these 'pest' around make me more fire and frustrated to blow off..Didn't even realise that I broke the glass pane in my rage.

My life in campus has taken a change since the last few weeks..(I shall write about it after my exams as promies)..Sometimes, as I told my gf while sharing with her, i just got no time for b*llsh*t anymore..I need to get things done in the shortest and most efffective manner because there's just so many things on my mind that needs to be done.

Arrrgghhh...God!! I'm so sorry for forsaking you in my busy-ness..I pray you grant me the strenght and courage and faith in YOU which is everlasting to see me through as I know YOU would. Pray that my relationship with my love one may be patch up too in our own unique ways.
Thank you...

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