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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Power of Prayer

I was just reading through my ‘Our Daily Bread’ again this morning after my English class. Although wanted to do my quiet time before class but I always find it a problem for me to wake up earlier to do it as I sleep quiet late every night.
Anyway, I was reading through Mark 11:20-26 where Jesus was saying that prayer is able to move mountains as long as the person who is praying believes in it. However, this saying has inner meaning/conditions which are:-
• you must be a believer
• you must hold not hold a grudge against another person
• you must not pray with selfish motives
• your request must be for the good of God’s kingdom
and the most important factor is to have faith that God will answer the prayer in His time.

I like the ending sentence especially which I would like to share with all. It goes like this ‘Life is not always fair, but God is always faithful’. This sentence meant very much to me as I grow more matured and enter the ‘world’, I realize that inequality exist in many places and hampers peace as there would be unhappy groups. However, we need to deal with the situation, learning to balance and influence parts we are able to while learning to adapt into situations we can’t change. Learning to adhere and hold on to our faith even when the world goes around us should be the attitude.

Lately, I realize my temper and mood seems to be worst than a lady having period pain. I’m not sure what is the reason, could it be due to confusion in my own life that leads to this or I’m not taking care of my personal life and not ‘feeding’ my spiritual life that my emotions are taking control. Relationship among friends and close ones are not doing too well as I lose my temper quite easily these days. I think I know certain areas which I should be taking care of before it worsens.

With something major coming to my part of life soon, I pray that God will remain close with me or should I put it as I pray that I’ll remain close with Him as most of the time, we are the ones that choose to abandon God but come running to Him when problems arise. May God’s presence strengthen me as I walk this path in life. Amen

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