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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sayonara Ms. Yong

Just had sort of a farewell lunch for one of my lecturers this evening at Zen Cafe, Midvalley. Ms. Yong who taught me Malaysian Economics last semester would be leaving the campus and faculty to further her studies in Leicaster,UK. Flying away next week, another favourite lecturer of us decided to call a lunch...
Although Ms. Yong is leaving the faculty, I believe all students who have been taught by her would remember this kind hearted lecturer who is always there to guide and help students even though at times, I think they should not be. However, I think that is her nature of an educator..believing in others!!

Well, the other lecturer (Ms. Tan) would be leaving us soon also as she too would be furthering her studies for a doctorate like Ms. Yong. But before that, she's going to get married first..haha..
Two more wonderful educators leaving the faculty..I wonder who is going to replace them or it may not even happen since UM doesn't seem to attract good lecturers anymore (hope my sarcastic view is wrong for the sake of all undergraduates)

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