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The Thinker
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Me Blog is Born

Hmm..finally a time to write something after all the 'wooha' of setting up my blog. Paiseh only to leave it empty while saying the Thinkerish is Born.
Well, after giving much thought on whether to set up this blog (coz before this, there was a controversy on bloggers in my organisation as bloggers are term 'in-sensitive' to others), i can proudly say that my blog is here and it's going to stay..
So, since this is my first post. A friendly reminder to who-ever is reading it, please do comment on anything that I've post up as I appreciate it but at the same time, don't 'lecture' me on how I should write my blog kay..hehe..After all, you can choose not to visit this blog ever if you find it not to your perousal.

Have a great time reading although my blog is kinda naked at the moment, I'll try to post more issues here (regardless of whether it's academic, my personal life, my views or anything else under the sun). My wish is that this blog could update my friends on what's going on in my life, meet new acquintance if possible and to have fruitful engagement with other bloggers..

Shalom and be prepared for more to come (*_*)v