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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What the h%&# is wrong with us??

Its been some time since I pen down my thoughts but nonetheless, I'm glad we Malaysians did not change much even after turmoil in political parties, tsunami all over the show (I'm kind of sick of the word 'tsunami') and hangat-hangat tahi ayam here and there.

Well, to get into focus-I'm referring specifically to few issues that has been going on.

Release of Baginda which did not came much as a surprise to me as I was just awaiting for the time to happen since he was caught. I mean (let's be realistic)..with all the accusation and claims, let's not forget about the statutory had to come from somewhere which is of course 'baseless' as if you're that high up in the government, even if you don't know how to C.Y.A, there's always a lembu to do that job, right? Otherwise how can min.s.ters have enought $$$ to send their kids to overseas for education and here in Malaysia, they shout how good is our education level and how much we should be proud of our University. Such a mockery to intelectual minds. These same guys who promote Malaysian university and send their own child overseas are also the same 'monkeys' who pay many many super-brains of Malaysia overseas to study with scholarships..only to realise that they are not coming back!!! (How stupid can this nation be?)

Whoopss!! Looks like I am stupid!! Because I just realise that our leaders are super poor actors. Mere rhetorics when someone mention that non-Malay or more accurate media term is minority of this country can be the Prime Minister of Malaysia!! Woohoo...the MALAYSIAN DREAM!!

I am really dreaming if I bought any of those words because any layman would know that the only way to get there is if you control the majority in the coalition (blue or green doens't matter). BN with UMNO would soak their keris with my blood before I reach the first step towards being the next PM while Pas would announce that all Malays who support me has deviate from the true teaching of Islam with some justification that appears from God knows where and both sides playing the racial card again which is the Royal Flush in desperate moment to uproar the narrow minded friends. article may sound very bleak and vulgar to some..rude maybe..

But at the end, I want all (regardless of what ethnicity you relate yourselve to) to think of what do we want to achieve at the end, where are we heading now and how we want our neighbours children to survive? Someone said that Malaysia has its own Obama, a minority man (Indian Muslim) as the PM which is Tun Mahathir himself. But let me challenge you with this question..when has our beloved Tun Mahathir called himself a Indian Muslim?? I'm sure if he said that during UMNO presidency election 2 decades ago, he wouldn't have been where he was in our history now. Malaysian politicians (of all fractions, race and creed) should stop talking about rhetorics which only happens in 'Alice in Wonderland' because Malaysia's suffering and bleeding is real and severe.

Let us arise together as One Voice to carry each other's burden side by side, holding hands in times of need without worrying too much on whether the other hand is halal or haram. The nation will only surface when we are looking from the same surface or submerge pulling each other down.

What do you want??

p/s C.Y.A means COVER YOUR ASS

Monday, November 24, 2008


As much as I think I'm doing well but deep down, I believe somehow or rather I am emotionally not. Being brought up to be able to handle my emotions rather well enough has in deed help me walk through this path of loving a love one.

Today marks the first month of my mother's demise and the day at office seems different too. It didn't really feel that I was in a depress mood or anything, but somehow I was not able to focus well on my work. Losing pace on things that were needed to be completed and forgetting task that were suppose to be handled..that just didn't seem ME!!

Somehow my mother's presence in my life had a big impact and I'm glad in a way that she did make a HUGE effect on me. It would be a sad news if somehow whom you call Mother or Father or whosoever with a family tie has gone and there is nothing to feel lost about.

I pray to God that with her 'going HOME', she would continue to play a large impact in my life still to continue to trust and obey in a 'being' who I call HEAVENLY FATHER and SAVIOUR. My mom hold on to her faith in her dying moment so strongly that each and everyone who came was touch by her. In that way, I would like to commemorate this wonderful wife, mother, sister, teacher, friend, daughter in law etc..

God has definitely bless you as how you bless others. You will always remain in my heart and I pray you would look upon me (dad, Jie and Mei) each and every day.

I Love You!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Beautiful Journey

24th of October would bring some other more meaningful meaning to me after 2008. Other than being the same day of Pahang Sultan's birthday, the day that I graduated from my GIP Programme in Nielsen Malaysia..something more meaningful happen..
My mom went home to be with the LORD, Yahweh Elohim
My mom has been hospitalized for quite some time since she started to have constant fever which doctor mis-diagnose as menopause symptom. It was only about 6 weeks ago that doctors confirm she has liver cancer (unknown primary source). My family decided to take her home for palative careas we wanted her to enjoy what is remaining in her wonderful life.

I'm glad to say thaat mom did not lose her faith in this time of trials and suffeering, in fact, she was the one who encourages us not to compromise our faith in Christ in times of pain and loss ootherwise all our praise and prayers seem so fake for the years we profess our faith in the Lord who has, is and will always shadow our every step.

My mom's life is really a testimony for others and it is shown through the impact she has left in lifes throughout her 50 years of living; 26 years as a loving wife and mother. I was really encourage to see that her friends and church members from as far as Penang, KL and Singapore actually travelled to Kuantan to pay their last respect. She had students who are now working adults or parents to their own children coming to see her before her demise proves that my mom had impacted their life positively as an educator. (my mom is a primary school teacher)

As a mother, she has always been my comforter and counsellor especially in my love life. Always ready to listen when her children has something to discuss or just plain talk. Writing this sentence reminds me of the time when she would spend time talking to me as she marks her students' exercise book. Well, I don't think I could do much justice to such a selfless mother who puts her childrens first above all things.

For those who are reads my blog, you would realise that I seldom or never had written anything about my family because its not my nature to post anything related to my family. However, I have to make an exception in this time as I feel strongly to share what this wonderful women I call 'MOTHER' has done to impact not just my family but to those around her.

Below is some pictures to commemorate her return to home in heaven, where angels sing and Christ awaits at the thrown to award my mom her prize for finishing the good race on Earth.
Celebrating her 26th Anniversary with loving husband (my dad la!!)
With her ex-colleagues in Selayang Hospital
Family pic with Uncle along
From left: ME,dad,young sis,elder sis,mom,uncle
My mom's coffin (front view)
That's me giving some testimony about my dearest mom. Can't control my tears, so my dad needed to console me

My mom's going home to heaven was a peaceful journey. What I want to say the most is treat your love ones well and cherish all the moments you have with them (for bad or for worst) because trust me, you will start thinking of even the bad memories which turn out to be so sweet in fact. Love your dad and mom people and love all those around you.