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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Feeling Cheated

Today was a raining morning and I had to drive my friend’s car to work to avoid being soak wet. My friend has flown to France for a study tour and her car is in my custody for a moment till she’s back.
The thing about not driving for awhile made me forget about the basic about driving ethics such as turn off the headlight after parking the car.
After a tiring day at work, thinking of heading straight home after more than 8 hours stuck in the office only to find out that the car’s battery is flat and I can start it at all. Before that I was wondering there was something wrong with the remote control since the car didn’t respond. I was even thinking that this Kancil somehow have a sort of high tech alarm system. Being able to open the car with my key even though it was lock before hand with the alarm, I was thinking somehow the car is program to not start even after being able to enter the car. But trying to be rational, I knew that a Kancil couldn’t be equip with such tech. Then only I realized that I left my head lights on.
So, I went around Uptown looking for a mechanic. At 730pm, I was doubting that there would be anyone who would be open but thank God, there was one shop nearby that was half open. So, I ask him to help me jump start my car and to my horror, just that few seconds of him connecting to my car’s battery would cost me RM10. Even though I’m not being a cheapskate but I felt that RM10 for that ‘help’ was a little costly. However the fact that I was a damsel in distress didn’t help the situation at all. So, I had no choice but to ‘kindly’ oblige to the payment.
He even told me that he normally charge RM20 for that short help. I wondering blo*dy H%ll, that is really costly.. But looking on another perspective, who ask me to be so careless in the first place, right!!
This would definitely be one of those moments where my dad used to say: “Son, there would be times where you pay to learn.” And this would definitely be one of those times. It’s not my first time paying to learn but I always thank God that my lessons do not cost me more than what I can afford. Thank you Lord for giving me enough even when the lesson is costly.. Amen!!


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Bry@nt ThE tHiNkEr said...

Hi Lynda,
Great to hear from you. I didn't know that my way of writing would attract others..haha
Well, it sure would be great to exchange comment.
I'll drop by your blog after this.

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