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Monday, June 11, 2007

Back in Kuantan

I'm back in Kuantan for three days (Saturday till Monday) since parents came back from China after honey mooning for two weeks..Also back to collect my souvenires also lah..haha
Well, mom manage to get me two shirts with Chinese motive and I really like it. But I thought China would be able to have more choices but surprisingly as according to mom, they don't have much choices or they design is very 'old fashioned' to her. Locally, those that I really like pula cost at least RM 100. Hopefully this material mom got would not be very hot as China made materials can be quite lousy-not with a discriminating note lah
Dad has his time happily on the golf course-his passion to be on the field. They have very beautiful golf courses there in China, maybe one day I'll play there also-need to polish my golfing skills before doing that though because it has been awhile since I last swing my club. Kind of regret for not appreciating my dad's effort to groom my golfing skills when I was young. Otherwise I'm able to play a good game by now.
Anyway, back to the story of China. I manage to see a few pictures they took and the scenary really looks good but my parents recommend not to go Beijing in future because there's not much to see and experience there. Better to travel to other cities in China where the cost of living is not that high too-worth it!!
Can't write real long this time also because have to prepare to travel back to KL soon and also need to continue with my assignment for VICHY too. Need to design a brand new innovative advertisement as we are lauching Bi-White Advanced Eye in July 2007 which is next month!!!

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