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The Thinker
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The NEW semester has started

New semester of 2007/2008 has begun, that means my life as an undergraduate has started off again. Have to re-adjust myself from the working lifestyle back to goodie boy who needs to attend lecturers and tutorial classes. It's not that I'm not used to study life, it's just the minor adjustment to the way things are being done. Back to worrying about some stuff that's being done in my residential college especially with all the new juniors that we are having. New people to handle and also to mould since we are considered 'seniors' or 'tai ko' of the college by now. After all, my batch of friends are the final year students already..

Although I manage to take 18 credit hours this semester but the papers doesn't seem to really attract me. Nevertheless, it has to be done and completed since it's compulsory anyway. Just finish all these papers wiht the hope that it'll somehow help me in the future. I'm quite skeptical on what I'm studying at the moment yet feeling that I'll be doing or creating something 'GREAT' one day after graduation. Having just the feeling isn't enough though; something tangible must come out from it otherwise the sense of insecurity will definitely continue to linger on.

Being final year means I better start planning about my future also (as graduation is also nearing). Many local undergraduates don't know what they want in life; including me! We're just going with the flow (as if that make any sense) and hoping that things will fall into place. There's this saying that goes "Failing to plan is planning to fail". How true is this saying that it sinks deep into my heart. I've got to really think and pray about it, maybe God will one day knock on my door and tell me, 'Hey my son, this is where your true passion lies.' and I really pray that day will come by soon.

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