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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Identity Crisis

I’m back in sweet quiet hometown of Kuantan. To be honest, with my background, I’m not even sure where my hometown is as I’ve been moving to places since I can remember. Let me take you on a trip of my life for the past 22 years.
I was born in another small town, Alor Setar in Kedah as that time my dad was a flying instructor based in the flying school there. I think after about one year plus, my dad was transferred to Kuantan, Pahang (which is the place I’m currently backed in). Therefore, I don’t have much of memories in Alor Setar. To keep a long story short, my family practically move to Kuala Lumpur – Kuantan again – Penang – Kuala Lumpur – Kuantan. Hmmm..with all those moving around, I’m really confuse of where I’m from. Geographically and family ties speaking, I’m from Kuantan as there is where both my parents are from, while on the other hand, I consider myself a Penangite as my youth, fond memories, close friends are all from there. Then on the next hand, biological and officially, I’m a Kedahan as that is the state where I was born. Look into my birth certificate, there it is-02 which is the state code for Kedah. BUT, I remember nuts about it..I’m really a guy with identity crisis, at least from the point of view of where I come from. Kinda hate it when people ask me this question, makes me wonder where do I belong.
Anyway, back to what I intend to write today. It’s actually my last day at home as I’ll be returning to KL by tomorrow because I shall start working in L’Oreal on Thursday. It’s my industrial training for 8 weeks as a part of my curriculum requirement. These 8 weeks will pass by real quick although the first few weeks would not be so. Before I know what hit me, I would be back in uni again, preparing to ‘suffer’ my last year in University Malaya. Three years in university passes by like lightning. I still remember vividly when I first entered UM, time seems to pass by at a slower pace then suddenly second year came and Whoa..I’m already entering 3rd and final year..
Crazy yet so true, three years is nothing if you didn’t really plan what do you want to achieve within this time frame. I mean I thought I knew what I wanted but after two years, it came to my realization that I failed to plan. There’s this saying that goes ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’.
It took me two years in uni to realize this mistake and that suddenly gave me ‘bang’ on the head as I woke up to reality. Too late as some would say but looking on the positive side, I guess I should thank Lord that I realize it before graduating. At least I still have time to rectify what I can.
Coming home has its positive side too. It’s always a bonding time for me and dad also. There’s always something to learn when I’m back, from the discussions that I have with my dad, talking about stuff from studies to politics and national issues. My dad’s view on most topics would shed light and open my thoughts to something fresh, point of view that I’ve never thought about. Really glad that my dad is someone whom I can count on. Although I have my share of scolding and spanking from him too..hehe..It all comes in a bundle I guess.
Hmm..blogging has been something new to me. Don’t really right about my feeling but it’s more about what I learn and would like to share with the world outside. Blogging is still kind of private to me but maybe hearing and reading some comments on what I wrote would be nice. So if you happen to read this, why not just drop me some comments on what I wrote, think or have to say..Greatly appreciated!!!

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