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Sunday, May 13, 2007

A week in L'Oreal

Wow..without noticing, I've been in L'Oreal Malaysia for 7 working days already. No wonder my boss tell me that my 8 weeks internship will be away in a blast as I'm already done with one week without 'really' noticing it..haha

So far, I've been moving around with my partner in crime-Adrian who is a management trainee in VICHY. Most of the time, he acts like my mini mentor other than boss to guide me around how things are done in the company. When visiting the outlets too, he explains how things are done and what can I learn from the whole process. I appreciate his effort because it helps me 'see' things that I take for granted. Just like what can arranging products of shelves in outlet teach me?? Adrian says that's part of merchandising and my thoughts start to open up on all the possibilities that I'm learning while doing it. The other day while I was talking to my dad, he too told me that in everything that I do for this two months, it'll somehow affect my experience and perseption on things in life. My boss also said that even though I've been given respondsibilities, I'm given handicap too to make mistakes, after all, I'm still an intern ma..haha..(but I guess that can't be use as an excuse to fumble and screw things up ya..)

I'm enjoying the process so far as VICHY is still new in the Malaysian market as the brand is tailored towards derma cosmetic which is different from normal derma products. It concentrates on inperfect skin rather than acne skin. So, the range and ingredients used is different. I'm currently trying out the products and would need to pass up a report or feedback or so on the effectiveness and my comments on it. So far, I'm quite satisfied with it but pricing is a little high la (in my opinion). But on the other hand, I guess you pay for quality of the products also.

Promotion in One Utama just ended, although it's not as grand as the one in Midvalley few months ago but it's still something to booze the brand la I think..I mean, my manager won't simply waste money on promotion like this because it's not cheap..


Adeliyny said...

Booze sales? unless you plan to make your plans drunk I seriously won't recommend you to 'booze' your sales XD

Boost 'em sales, bludder! Make Vichy, um, proud? hahahahahahahaha

Bry@nt ThE tHiNkEr said...

I guess I'm 'boozing' myself to have written that..haha
Thanks for the hint before I get to drunk.
Well sista, I guess you're my number one fan so far..Not much publicity abt my blog here, maybe not too interesting also lah