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Friday, April 20, 2007

It's another Exam day..

Just came back from my fouth paper this evening which is macroeconomics 2 and I'm shaking my head yet again for another macro paper. I've never been doing good in macroeconomics even though I'm a economics undergrad, sometimes it's a shame to say that coz this paper should be something I score in other than the rest. What makes me feel even worse is that the questions are from past year ne..aih..Went into the hall feeling I should be able to answer fairly, not even good but it turn out that I only manage to do below average coz my mind went blank after reading the question. I thought I know how to do it but it turn out ohtherwise. Haih...
Point to be taken for those entering public universities or UM or maybe I should say my faculty-Faculty of Economics and Administration, doing your tutorials and past years is a MUST understand coz many times questions in finals are either identical or very similar with what is being ask in finals. It took me four semesters to realise it, or I was just so oblivious to that fact, being stupid, childish (thinking can score without reading), arrogant at times (thought I'm smart but actually not). I guess the attitute that I'm bringing isn't serving me well.
Going to be a third year student beginning next semester, I really pray and hope that God will give me a 'smack' on the face, telling me to wise up and mature before my dad does it!!! I really feel bad whenever I think about how my performance reflect the hopes of my parents even though they don't really mention coz it's their way of bringing us (their children) up..My dad thinks that a young adult like me should be able to think for himself and only be given advices when necessary. I believe many of my peers would envy that kind of up bringing that my parents show but somehow at times, even though I admit that I might not like it, I feel my parents 'should' have pointed their fingers saying. "Young man, do you know blah blah good for you and this is the best way to ensure a good future!!" So ironic yet so true...
My head is feeling really heavy now after finishing 4 papers in three days consecutively..Maybe I should take a rest or maybe sleep earlier tonight to recover..Even though it's kind of late to complain and regret, may I REALLY take this as a new starting point for my view for a better study attitute as I've been saying those same words for 4 semester already..Procrastination really 'kills' human..Arrgghh!!!!!
Better get back to studies and prepare for the last two papers..Chiao!!

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