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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rainy day in FEA

It's another rainy day yet again in KL, just finish my lecture on Malaysia's economy and as I walk out of my lecture hall, to my horror, it was raining already. So, the next best thing to do is to head towards my computer lab which is open till 9pm..I guess this is one of the good things that my faculty provides for its students. Otherwise I think I'll just have to hang around till the rain stops.
Anyway, I owe you Dwagie if you're reading this post as it's been a long time since I last wrote something. Can you believe it that's it has been a month ago since I last visited my own blog. Hmm..I guess I'm not really a "true" blogger who can seem to not eat and sleep throughout the night just to make sure the blog has been updated eh...
Well, just for your perusal-this sentence is always being use by one of my lecturer who I respect a lot when she mails out lecture notes or tutorials to all of us..Anyway, back to my story..I just organise Appreciation Night 2007 for AIESEC in University Malaya which was a success in it's own way, I mean, let's just put it this way, I believe all projects have its glitches and also glory..Although I can shout to the top of my lungs that I went 100% smooth but I personally felt that it was above average la..Embarrassing moment of the day was when our guest of honour arrived without our knowledge..I guess an event can't start up more screwed up than what we did..haih
Thank God, he was kind enough to be patient and did not blare up his temper and storm out of the event. That would be even more embarrassing!!!

Switching to other matters take took place since my last post, my birthday went pass on the 28th of February, making me officially older than my peers, not to mention looking forward to the general elections which everyone is predicting about..haha..I wonder how does it feel since you get a say in who wins a seat..Maybe all citizens should think more deeply before crossing the ballot since that decision would last for 5 years. Putting an idiot or a mediocre up in a seat without doing the talk s/he promise would definitely 'hamper' the progress that all Malaysians need. I'm not sure where is our country heading even though the leadership of Pak Lah is believe to be good but I guess only time can proof everything. He doesn't really stands out to be a leader such as Tun M but I still believe that he has his own way to play his cards..Hopefully, all the negative-ness from our last leadership era can and will be cleared off, otherwise I'm quite skeptical if we as a country can progress...
Somehow I feel that our country and citizens mentality is deteriorating, somehow I feel that we are heading back to pre-Independance rather than Vision 2020 as racial differences seem to re-surface..It just reminded me of a forum a had the other day with few 'distinguish' figure in Malaysia. One speaker even mention that non Bumiputera should 'jangan-lah diberi betis dan paha, nak-kan perut kami pula' when we were discussing about national growth, equity sharing and ASLI report. He also added that 'jangan-lah sampai May 13 berlaku sekali lagi' which my friends and I find it so provocative and not needed especially in a forum where we undergraduates of University Malaya try to promote understanding and Bangsa Malaysia spirit...
I guess I shall stop for now and continue some other days on what I think..Hopefully this blog will help polish my writing skills and also projection of thoughts as I think about what is happening in this world we 'THINK" we know so well..Shalom

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