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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ponderish Term

As I was reading the morning papers and saw that our DPM mention for the first time (at least for me) on printed media the term Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian as he apologise for the statement made by Bukit Bendera UMNO Chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail.

This term caught my attention as I personally have been discussing and pondering much on how should it be. Question that I ask myself is whether I am a Chinese Malaysian or a Malaysian Chinese (as Najib said).

Some define that the proper term should be Chinese Malaysian as 'chinese' is the adjective, thus, making Malaysian the core meaning behind.

Nevertheless, I am still not sure and would appreciate anyone who would enlighten me which is ME!! Am I a Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysian??

--although it doensn't make a big difference which one is which but it does when someone purposely wants to 'fight' on the issue-- (@_@)

On the other note, although I'm glad the UMNO deputy made an apology but I must comment that it doens't sound sincere as it is also claim that he spoke on his personal capacity.
What I want to say is that our leaders should be more responsibility and accountability when making such statements as YOU represent the people. Have balls to admit you made such a statement and be bold enough to stand up to face the concequences. This damn politicians (many of them) can say anything and hide behind their so called BIG figures. PKR sama, sekarang UMNO juga sama.

Can someone tell me which politician that I can look up too currently? Many seems corrupted or too wise to remain behind the scene and appear 'holy'. Or am I disillusion now after the tsunami??

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