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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why My University standard is dropping?

My university was and I believe is still the best university locally as there are still so many students who are just waiting eagerly to enter for their tertiary education. The ranking issue that was brought up during the last two years by Times Higher Education isn’t a big issue; in fact it shouldn’t be an issue anyway. Why is the University administration trying to protect itself and coming up excuses like their survey was bias and not fair. We should be confident with our standard, such as producing Leaders since 1905; which is the university’s tagline for the moment. As long as we know what kind of graduates we’re producing, why do we even care what others write?

If our graduates are still sought after upon graduation, I guess that would be the better guideline than what some ‘mat salleh’ talk and write about my university. SADLY, my university’s academic workforce is still not up for the challenge ahead. Forgive me, but I’m not generalizing again that all the Professors are un-qualified here, only certain of them and those who are still carrying the title of ‘Encik’.

I’m taking a subject now called Demography which is suppose to be an interesting subject to study and learn. However, after almost half a semester, I’m not too sure what I’m learning in class. It’s kind of repetitive and no new syllabus is introduced. Even tutorials are not held but he claims that it is. WHY?? Ironically, the answer given when students question whether tutorial is on, the lecturer would answer, ‘tutorial memang ada, pasti dating ya tapi saya tak datang!’—literally means tutorial is on, make sure you come but I won’t be there.

With this kind of lecturer’s attitude, no wonder our standard is dropping. You might say that this is an isolated case but I can assure you these is only one of the example I’m able to write because if I bad mouth too much, who’s going to employ me after I graduate later next year as they know what our true standard is. =p

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