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Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Macroeconomic Lecture

It's another early morning for me since the beginning of the semester in July. Friday is dreadful for me in a sense that I've macroeconomics class. This subject has been my weakest in all my economics paper since the time I was introduce into the world of economics. It's not that this paper isn't interesting or what but somehow or rather I can't seem to grasp the concept even after discussion with others. And to make things worse, lecturer is not helping either. He just come into the class without a clear pro-forma of the course and teaches anything that comes into his mind, drawing the whole board for two hours and saying "Aiya, itu you pun tak tau. I nak tumbang!" Translated it means (in Malaysian English); Aiya, like that also you don't know. I want faint!

No proper references are given and no notes for the diagram given to ease our understanding. I wonder is this the local teaching system or is it universal in other universities e.g. Harvard, Oxford etc
I mean how to they (lecturers) expect you to listen and copy the notes all in the same time especially when the talking is done in a fast manner. We are not computers where you can run few programmes simultaneously..Hey man, I'm just a mere human!!
Therefore at times, I think as a student, what can I do?

Since I've no chance to change the system as it's out of my circle of influence, so I guess I'll have to do the 'normal' stuff which is just work hard and study hard by reading on my own while hope that I really understand what I'm reading.

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