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Friday, February 2, 2007

Dull Friday

Well, really gotta make this space more useful as it's empty..
Being in the faculty's computer lab and printing some assignments to hand up last minute and also to print some personal stuff, then thought 'why not write something here?'

Was watching the national news yesterday on Berita Utama and they showed the air view of Johor when it was flooded. I guess never in history or my memory has a flood of that magnitude happen in Malaysia. It really is a wonder how such catastrophy could happen. While the government is blaming it on global warming and other issues, the Tengku Mahkota said it was due to un-structured plannning of development which led to this happening. And I for one supports his excellency as I too believe it was due to poor town planning.

Although I'm not a native in Johor, but all Malaysians do know that Johor has undergone a mass development within this last few months or a year ago. With all these 'creation' of new building and tourist attraction centre, I guess the state government was too blinded or refuse to acknowledge the fact that they were also underlying the base of a future disaster, waiting just to happen. It's a wonder where all the mud and soil that were left after the flood came from, lots of question mark (????)...With river base shalowing, how much could mother nature hold on before it overflow?? I don't think these small little facts are miss upon when planning for development especially if it was done by so called 'expects'.

I guess Malaysians could only wait for the research to be completed and hopefully the federal government will be transparent about it to bear the truth..

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