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The Thinker
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Monday, February 5, 2007

Mid Sem Exams..Arrggh

Here I am after tutorials again..good paper as It's about learning on SQL, something that I've not heard of till I took this course. It's kinda normal for us to online after class as the computer services in this lab is faster compared to the normal computer lab.
Anyway, tommorrow having a major mid semester exam in Macro-economics, weight is 40% out of the whole paper..tense and stress as I didn't do well in the last basic paper..really 'pek chek' at the moment. Gotta rush back to hostel after this to study again, crush back on notes, trying to munch on everything...Arrggh, student life...

Hmm..tonight have to 'show face' and support our neighbouring hostel as they will be organising their chinese cultural night. Maybe just drop by to make sure they know i'm there then can go back to study again...

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