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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

L'Oreal: Here I come!

Good morning to each and everyone who is reading my blog..Got a wonderful news to share with all, although it’s not really new as it is a Friday news but here it is anyway.
I’ve been confirm and accepted to do my Industrial Training with L’Oreal Malaysia. The interview session wasn’t as easy as I thought. Twice I went there to be interviewed by different managers, both were very nice people, very sincere in interviewing the candidate (which is me!!) Twice the session lasted an hour and I’ve never experience an interview that long..Phew!!
Anyway, I’ll be working under a brand called VICHY. Maybe some of the girls will know about this brand as it’s still new in the market. Design specially for skin care purposes. Can’t say I know much about it now but I’m sure give me a week or two, I can talk about it for long hours..hehe..Then you’ll wish that I’ll stop..

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Dwagie said...

vichy is THE brand of the one ask or do research...hahahahahahahaha...

new blogs mana??