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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ang Pow na lai oh..(literally means give me Ang Pow (*_8)

Well, it’s that time of the year again where each member of the family gets busy cleaning the house, the older people of the family gets busy with cooking and preparing for the Reunion Dinner which happens on the eve of Chinese New Year!! For those who don’t know the Chinese culture, Reunion Dinner is when all the family members of the man side gather back in their parent’s house (normally la) to have a family dinner as every one in the family should be back, although in this modern world, sometimes it’s not 100% possible as the sons might be working overseas. Daughters on the other hand, will gather in their in-law house to celebrate and traditionally will only return to their own birth family on the second day of new year..Of course, what I write is the traditional practice. However in the era of modernization, not all are practice that way. Chinese New Year is also the festive season where ‘Ang Pow’ or red packet is given out to those children and unmarried individuals..Ang Pow is much awaited as it contains MoNEY MoNEY MoNEY..hahaha…
Talking about money, I’m remember the song used in The Apprentice, famed by Donald J.Trump..The theme song starts of with ‘money’..very catchy..

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