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Friday, April 17, 2009

Slapping Own's FACE..

I've been following the news both from main stream and also the alternative news portal and I feel so oblige to just scrabble some thoughts here in my blog. Wanted to write an article on my comment but due to time constraint, I'll just keep it short.

I'm sure if you read the news of our newly DPM talking about non-Malay 'seolah-olah tidak menghargai' what the BN has done just before each time there is an election (giving out goodies. He was mentioning that when BN gives out all this 'incentive' or goodies, whichever suits your taste bud and saying that the non-Malays have not appreciated it by turning goodies into votes, isn't that blatantly admitting that DPM or BN is trying to buy the votes???
Coz in my childish mind, I think what he is implying is that development and money incentive from BN can ONLY be given to those who turn it into votes in elections to come. No votes=No help from BN government

Isn't that a threat to the citizens of Malaysia as a whole?? (I hope we aren't that dumb to know that fact)

And if talking about citizens being ungrateful to BN, shouldn't the whole Malay race be considered ungrateful the MOST? [I'm not trying to stir any racial sentiments but to stir your thought on how misguided the argument was given]
Reason of saying so is because the government has ensured that Malay special priviledges and Islam as the official religion is enshrined in our Constitution, MARA and likes are established purely for Malays, there is the MCKK which only houses Malays, Malays have Amanah Saham purely design and solely sold to them, quota in almost everything that is offered to the citizens (scholarship, civil service etc), discount for buying properties coz of race not household income and my list can go on and on..but eventually, what I want to say is..If its truly about being ungrateful, then the Malays are the most ungrateful lot coz they should be behind BN with 100% votes.

Having said the above, I MUST EMPHASIZE here that my intention is to stir the thought of looking at the bigger picture and don't just accept what our leaders say as leaders are mere human being that happen to be MP because of US in the first place. Let us analysis the whole situation wholesome and don't play the game of accusation merely to divert the attention of the true cause of failure:

Money incentive didn't turn into votes because the Rakyat are dissatisfied with 'goodies' that only comes before election and by-elections. Serve the people well during the whole term with respect and honesty on your day job and I PROMISE- votes will come back to BN for a TRUE proven record since the Alliance was forge.

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