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The Thinker
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

6 months and counting on...

Its been 6 months since someone dear to my family was brought back HOME..

Its been 6 months since my life was altered (for good or for bad)eternally..

Its been 6 months since my life will always be filled with a void and sweet memories altogether..

Its been 6 months since God has challenge me in ways I do not comprehend..

Its been 6 months since my tears flow freely as flashing memories passes by..

The date is 24 October 2008 and that was the day I 'graduated' from my GIP programme with Nielsen and receive the confirmation of my mother's departure from her suffering of her ailing and weakening body that has succumbed to cancer.

A part of my life is missing ever since her return to be with the Lord Jesus. A mother who calls you at least once each week to find out whether your life is going well, a friend who listens to all my private woes and joy, a confidante that I trust with my deepest secrets, a wife who cares and love my dad, a mother to my sisters who misses her dearly..Words can never describe how I feel now as I ponder upon the good years we had with this special person I call 'Mother'!!

Although a part of me knows she went with a happy heart to meet her Saviour and Lord but my human-ness can never hide the feeling of 'IF ONLY' she did not have to go.

I won't have the chance to show mom her future daughter-in-law, her future grandsons and grand-daughters..won't have chance to buy her that branded handbag which I promise to get once I've reach that level of stature and the list goes on.

I just miss this special person who holds the title of MOM..Its a futile attempt to write out what my hearts feel and as I write this entry..tears are flowing again as the song of Amazing Grace, sung by Chris Tomlin renders on my laptop..I shall let the pictures to do the talking/memory I have in me..

"one of the best family pic"

"happy couple-ing"

"first visit to Elder sis in Brunei"

"Anniversary in Hospital-place isnt sig as long as LOVE is there"

"Ever so positive although being sick"

"Smiling through the waves of life"

"Happy moments before 'departure'- a week before"

"The Service"

"Breaking down in public-overflow with emotions during testimony"

All I can say is...24 October would bring a significant meaning from 2008 onwards. For the Lord who gave life to my life bearer has taken her back to a better place-the Kingdom of God where everything is perfect!!


ML said...

*Hugs tightly*

She'll be very proud of you.
Very, very proud.

Chris-Wiz said...

u ve grown so much over those 6 months, that s for sure.

u are one person that i admire for having the strength to go through this.because of what happened, u ve grown so much stronger in your walk with God and i m sure ur mum s real proud of sure ur dad is super proud of u.

u go bryant! continue running carrying the torch of life with u..u ll be running far...i m sure!and i ll make sure dinner will happen next weds too :) as for san francisco..that, we ll plan it out with mel :) continue smiling for the world :)

Melalyn Ng said...

Your mom's an inspiration though I knew her not. Seeing her smile makes me thank God for my life and my mom. Thanks for sharing. :)

Bry@nt ThE tHiNkEr said...

ML, Chris, Mel
Thanks for the encouraging words. Certainly God moves in ways that we can never understand fully. Even as I question if things could be different..I know that God of Abraham,David, my father and your love ones is the same always forever.
Trust and obey is something I'm still struggling to obey..