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Monday, April 6, 2009

Does TWO wrong make ONE right?

Its always intriguing to ponder does two wrong make one right? Because it seems that at certain point in our society, logical thinking don't really happen esp if the scenario is in politics. One person who builds a mansion in Klang and scoundrel the people's money is only let off with warning and in fact, just got off like that due to his sudden demise (some say 'let it be since he is already dead') or some leader in Penang who belittle other races in a state where other races are the majority but gets welcome in party meeting with glamour and triumphant kompang beats as a HERO of their race although being suspended by the central party while ON THE OTHER HAND,others who just mention their views are being dump into ISA or being threatened with life bullets sent to their address and at times, career being burnt due to concrete finding such as the ASLI incident few years back (I'm unable to comprehend esp since we're educated to argue cases based on facts and figure).

Coming to my point of the day, it is reported (The Star, 6 Apr 09-Better voice in government with a Chinese Deputy PM, says Wee) that certain "friend" in the Ally has suggested that a post of Deputy PM and Deputy Chairman of BN be created for a certain race to 'forge' better representation while "friends" (, DPM-to-be coy over 2nd DPM proposal)from the so ever mighty keris party of the coalition (coz they control everything, although not admitting)either refuse to be drawn into speculation or having denial syndrome out of sudden. (funny how Malaysian politicians work with each other huh..)

My point is like this:
1) Was it right for Friend C to suggest establishing a post?
2) Was it proper for Friend M to retaliate as such?

Point 1: As someone who holds strongly in One Malaysia or Bangsa Malaysia as its famously known, I hold steadfast to my believe that Malaysia can only move forward as a nation when race based politics are in the bin(debatable question whether a race based system can work. Therefore, creating a post specifically for just another race ain't moving in that direction; in fact, it confirms that our leaders are not doing what they preach on podiums during Merdeka celebration or speaking to global community. I would only support this suggestion if it were out of a portfolio urgency or due to creating a special task force to forge unity once and for all in our land.

Point 2: Having said the above, I would also strongly advocate that the reactions given by Friend M are also very childish and immature, thus confirming my doubt in the coalition is a big happy family. Some say its a political gimmick played by Friend C to be a populist, a fighter for their own race (isn't that Friend's M all time favourite weapon anyway), cashing in on the timing as Najib clings on to power etc. All failed to see that the issue of race is still a ticking time bomb, awaiting some idiot to trigger it. All friend M seems to be doing, is either deny it or reply its not important to discuss for the moment and there are bigger task at hand.

HELLO!!! We've been trying to tackle race-based issue since Independence. What else is more important than true unity and for Malaysians to unite??? Damn.. They are still too selfish to attempt on this delicate discussion.

The issue is how to get this country we all will pour our blood (tanah tumpah-nya darah KU)to look into each others eyes with love, compassion, understanding not compromising, and build sense of patriotism that not only 'menjelma' during Merdeka month on posters and slogans but is SHINING throughout the whole year on Tanah Melayu.

It has been far too long we allow lip service on UNITY..It has been far too long race and religion is being suppress to be practise in true freedom..It has been far too long citizens are kept un-informed of our politician-leader's true intention..It has been far too long Malaysians have kept quiet..It has been far too long Malaysians remain dormant and 'tidak apa'..It DEFINITELY has been a long long 50 years of sliding backwards.

TWO wrong definitely doesn't make ONE right!! Therefore, we as a nation has to ensure that the government works for its people and not the people become slaves to its elected representatives...

p/s If you're a book lover, may I suggest reading "the clash of civilization and the remaking of world order" by Samuel P. Huntington

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