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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Saya Pun Warganegara Malaysia

Recently as I was surfing for Malaysian related news, I decided to give The Nut Graph a view since its been some time since I last visited the site. And an article caught my eye not just because of what the title is but more so because who wrote that article.

It was entitled ‘Saya Pun Melayu’ by Zaid Ibrahim.

We Malaysians know very well that ever since birth, race and religion somehow or rather always get twine in our daily life especially during political campaign or political motivated speeches in respective party such as the just concluded UMNO Assembly. (This includes all other race-based parties that exist in Malaysia)

Ever since my younger days, I have been inculcated by our society that race makes a big difference in life. If you are born a non-Malay, you need to suck up all the dismay when applying for scholarship or opportunities laid out as there is a quota for race; suck up the fact that due to difference in skin colour, you may be promoted slower if not at all to executive management in civil service; suck up the fact that it would most probably take you twice as hard to be on same level playing field. Nonetheless, are we (non-Malays) that badly treated in Malaysia??

After March 2008 mark the ‘social awakening’, I believe many Malaysians (all races) see a dim light at the end of the tunnel which never existed under M leadership. For those who has always dream of a country where Malaysians live as one and not separated by colour, we must persevere as the wave has only started. Each citizen should play a part, no matter big or small with valour to hold steadfast. A time when a matured society where level of trust is not just a mere political rhetoric sounding for publicity; a time when true ‘understanding’ exist-will come.
(Understanding has to go both ways. Meaning non-Muslims respect our Muslim Bro&Sis way of life and don’t question while the Muslim community also do not obstruct the way of life of fellow countrymen)

History and education on our Malaysian constitution should be taught in high school level to inculcate sense of loyalty and knowing how this nation was forged to be what and where we are. Government should not impose its will but leave it to academicians to deliberate and criticize as history is built by facts and figure, nothing more.

Do read Zaid Ibrahim’s article when free.

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