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Monday, August 25, 2008


It's been a long long while since I last blog due to work and a change of lifestyle. I've move on to the next phrase in life where an undergraduate becomes a graduate and turns into the corporate worker. Hopefully the turnover would be some sort of caterpillar turning into the beautiful butterfly. Sadly, it's not always like that nor is it always common to be smooth free transition.

Anyway, talking about transition and changes that is happening in my personal life. Our country Malaysia is definitely going through some changes in its own context too. Ever since March 8 of 2008, many people from the analyst to the Pak Cik at the mamak stall are talking about it. You have many 'brave' voices coming out from almost every nook corner of the country. Political party talking about leaving status quo to move on and become more matured (meaning no more race based politics), you have Bar Council organising forum that are deem 'sensitive' by our little fear-ish section of the community and the government giving out monetary 'helps' in Permatang Pauh for 'sudden' development plans. Arrgghh..let's not forget the bravery of undergraduates to march on the streets for certain issues that are said to undermine Malay Supremacy and Islam (referring to the street protest by UiTM and UIA respectively).

Malaysia is indeed going through some interesting times in 2008.

However, I cant stop pondering and wondering, where are we exactly going after 51 years of Independance? Have we truly become the melting pot of races and culture? Are we truly living the slogan of Visit Malaysia Year; Malaysia-Truly Asia? Are we truly harmonious and united or does that only happens few times a year during open houses where FREE food are available?

It depends on what relative scale are we comparing ourselves to actually. What do I mean by that?

I remember being answered by our smart politicians when questions such as those above are asked by me some time ago. They would always compare to countries that are worst off than Malaysia where civil war is happening or happened, corrupted governments that are unable to provide decent living for its citizens, bloody killing happening on the streets and ultimate question always quoted was: 'Adakah saudara mahu perkara 15 MEI berlaku sekali lagi?''translation means 'do you want the incident of 15 May to happen again?'

I believe Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole should be given more credit than that answer because we are better off than the examples I have mentioned.

Each time when the citizens of Malaysia who are enlightened enough want to have a discussion on issues relating to mutual understanding and socio-development, the government officials from various political parties says these are sensitive issues that may incite heated argument. I would not disagree fully with this argument, nonetheless, I believe Malaysians are now more matured to sit and listen and discuss compared to times like 70s or 80s where racial sentiment are not stable yet.

Merdeka means freedom in many ways but largely interpreted as FREE from the dominion of British occupancy and control. However, I opine that it was merely a change of foreigners controlling us to local politicians controlling us to their benefit. For too long has our nation been supress by racial and religion baggages. I would argue that it was so during the late 1950s but HEY!! Malaysia is 51 years old now!! After such a long time, we are (politically) still so much concern about race and religious battle for rights. When someone talks about liberalise the education quota systems, the last bastion of the Malays need to be protected even though there's still 90% more to go. Some body organise talk on Islamic issues that affects the community at large, someone must go ahead to be zealously protecting the religion when the authorise body to do so is quiet. When certain party of the opposition who so happen has Chinese Malaysian majority, the other fraction are scared that their land and welfare are threaten.

It just goes to show we still don't trust each other politically. Why I mention politically is because if all races are not involved in active politics, all these conspiracy theory does not arise. Don't believe me, do some observation.

After 51 years of celebrating Merdeka where all races and culture are bonded to perform to the world to see, showcase our uniqueness and beauty, all the millions that are thrown in to make it wonderful..have we truly enjoyed Merdeka?? Do all citizens who are born under the same Malaysian sun, speak the same Bahasa Melayu, saluting the same Jalur Gemilang treated similarly? Can the 'foreigners' who came from China and India 51 years ago able to say loudly that they are Malaysians without being shout 'balik Cina' or 'balik India'? Can poverty that hits all without relation to race be truly eradicate without special economic policies?

Malaysia has come a long way from what we were and manage to do well in many areas. We are developing and still developing even though certain 'obstacles' exist in our midst. For those who envision a Bangsa Malaysia, Malaysia for Malaysians or whatever terms, please be affirmative in your stand and do not be dismayed because this is the land we shall live and die for. Be the change we envision it to be. Let's carry the race and religion burden together as a nation if its deem rightly to be so otherwise let's just throw it away and progress without the need to be reminded constantly whether you are of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Singh, Jawa, Bajau etc descendant. Lets find a common stand where we can truly live together as ONE nation, calling Malaysia as our home and live peacefully with everyone respecting the rights to live and practise its own religion freely without being threatened or showing supremacy and superiority to others who are deem marginalise.

Lets celebrate the coming Merdeka on 31st August and many more years to come as MALAYSIANS and singing Negaraku proudly and upholding the constitution and Rukun Negara with respect and reverance.


Daulat Tuanku..Daulat Tuanku..
Daulat Tuanku..Daulat Tuanku..
Daulat Tuanku..Daulat Tuanku..
Daulat Tuanku..


Mohamad Hilman bin Nordin said...

its been a while since you last let out your thoughts here. miss the days when we can discuss these matters.

congratulations for your convocation. sorry for not attending. hope that your transition smoothen up in the end. =)

happy 31st August!

Bry@nt ThE tHiNkEr said...

Thanks bro..I guess you're one of those who I can proudly say that make my MPMUM days memorable in Uni.

My transition in life is as exciting as what our nation is going through. Let's pray that these two transitions goes smoothly and definitely for the betterment.

Happy Independence Day too!!

Biarlah MERDEKA dan bukan MAU DUIT KAH? Hehehe...