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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Correct me if I'm Wrong..No Sedition Intented

I manage to get hold of internet today and decided to write something about our current state of affairs. My inspiration comes from our daily Malaysian news and today, I manage to read an interesting article on The Star online news. The title of it is Bid to ensure temple concert watched only by non-Muslims
It always intrigues me when issues such as said arise as I opine that it is very narrow-minded intepretation of religious teaching. Before moving on with my thoughts, I would like to say that this particular post does not intend to be seditious or insulting. I would expect lots of critism (which I hope would spur further discourse on Unity and Intergration).

Based on the article that was written in The Star, I would like to put forth my point on some issues which may be deem raw writings but certain to appreciate feedbacks.

First of all, in a nation that is going through many upheavals since March 8, 2008 or may I say political evolution, I would have to say that our society at large need to be more mature and evolve as time goes by (in saying so, I mean in terms of religious and race view). As I can see from all the hoo-hah happening, I just wonder how much longer are we Malaysians suppose to keep quiet, be ignorant and foolish all the time with all the nonsense being fed into our mind. During the earlier days, we were told that NEP (or DEB in Malay) is design to liberate our poor citizens. Have you wondered what happen to such a noble cause? I mean poverty still exist at large and may I be brave enough to
remind my Malay brothers and sisters, rural poverty and urban poverty among Malays are still lingering around even after about 20 years UMNO promise toffee and sweets and everything nice. Have you ever wondered why the implemetation of 10% discount when buying house IF you’re bumiputera? If not, then put this basic equation to your calculator. A Malay who has a monthly income of RM 100,000 compared to a padi farmer who only gets a meager RM500 a month. Who deserves more financial help? In fact, it should be propose that this income level of RM 500 should be given more than 10% discount.
A logical and objective mind would ask these quesetions, as it just does not make sound economic judgement. Implementation of these policies just make the gap of the rich and poor widens. Back to the example I’ve given, 10% out of RM 100,000 is RM 10,000 while 10% out of RM 500 is only RM 50!! Can you believe that comparison?
Just imagine what can a padi farmer do with RM 10,000? Groceries, study loan for their school-going children, machinary to help in farming and the list goes on.

Secondly, the issue on religion. I am no religious speaker or self-proclaim holy practinioner. Nonetheless, I personally believe that religion is something close to heart and personal to each being. Therefore, state and religion needs to be separate in implementation and administrative (Using religion's common value is acceptable though). May I again state that I’m in to intention to slander or ‘kutuk’ any religion as even Christianity which is the faith I profess and practise has gone through its own dark ages. Therefore, the main point I would like to put forth is to create awareness that no one religion is the best because each religion and faith is personal to each and everyone. Love your religion and may no one trample on it for it is sacred. Understanding is the preface to unity, intergration and mutual LOVE.
When the religious-state imposes rules and laws for the general population, that will definitely not go well with other religions. To keep it simple, a non-Muslim would appreciate if s/he is given ample space to worship and venues to conduct prayer while a Muslim would respect a non-Muslim who is not compulsory to fast during Ramadhan.
If administrative personnel are matured enough to see the difference and be objective and not one-way thinking, I believe ONLY then can the nation move on.
Moving back to the article that was quoted, I would like to comment that our society should be treated with respect. What I mean by saying so, is to allow them to make the decision themselves. By covering up the area and hoping that Muslims would not go near it is childish because human beings have brain to rationalise. If they want to take part, by hook or by crook, it's still going to happen. By teaching that Allah forbids them to do so and creating conviction in them would be much more effective than trying to cover things up (which we Malaysians are so damn good at; where's the unity our leaders are shouting about to the international scene? In practical, I opine it does not exist).

I shall keep my post at this for the moment. I will await comments and critism before revealing more. In an era of tech-savvy-ness, blogging can be dangerous =p

The Thinker awaits…

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