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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Campus have come alive with vibrant young people for yet another semester in 2008/2009. And as the campus comes back to life, I think it's time for me to pen down some thoughts that have been lingering inside the Thinker's brain.

As I was partially involve again this year to welcome all these new faces into this 'great' university (I wrote 'great' because certain things looks greener from the outside but not when you're inside for 3 years like ME), I look and ponder upon how we-Malaysian public university actually carry out our Orientation. Orientation basically last for a week and I strongly believe that this one week is not about training their (freshman's) leadership skills or get them accustom to university life as many of my peers and below opines. I definitely beg to differ because this noble acts cannot be possibly formed within a short span of a week. I would say that our actual aim in this whole orientation is to orientate our freshman to help them transit from high school into tertiary education. Providing them with vital information to ensure they know who to meet or which department to go when problem arises (such as changing of courses, external education funding, dissatisfaction of services by student affair's department etc) are vital and of much more importance than compared to winning some cheers competition or sports. I mean these events are good to spur the 'Cinta Kolej' spirit or meaning esprit de corp among fellow college residents, however, have we forgotten that we have another one year to do so? (Point to ponder)

As an ex-senior in my residential college and current serving Students' Representative Council member, it saddens me when certain complains by students are actually preventable if university orientation would have been more info orientated, where freshman are not too tired from practising cheers till the wee hours to listen to these boring yet useful sessions. For example, how many students are aware that after official announcement of exam results, students have 2 weeks to lodge a request for re-mark with exam department if they are not satisfied with it? For two years, I've receive this same scenario and the only thing I could do is to pity them because the rule (as unfair as it is) has been stated clearly in students' handbook. As much as I would like to help, there is only so much I could as stipulations exist.

Orientation and freshman entering University keeps me thinking of how much things would be different IF ONLY our seniors are of quality in terms of academic and also people skill. I realise that not many seniors in university are concern about their social-political environment nor are they interested in welfare/charity activities. Their sole purpose in life is to study hard, get good grades and graduate only to realise that it wasn't enough to qualify them for a good job opening. In that sense, I have to agree that our students are quite pessimistic. Nonetheless, as much as I would like to blame the existing system to spoon feed and exam orientated, students themselves have to take charge of their life and destiny. Don't blame the people around you or the surrounding or even our lousy education system because at the end of the day, employers out there are not interested to hear your grouses and dismays. What they want to know is how you overcome it and triumph! Thus, bringing me to why i named this post as WANTED. If you have watched the movie, the last sentence the actor asked was "So what the hell are you doing with your life?"

As crude as it may sound, that statement actually make good sense to me. Each day we go through the same system, same life and things seems to be 'normal' and dull. But what the hell are you doing with it (life)?

In student life and campus context, I believe that means taking charge on your study timetable and juggling between academic and recreation. On a more complex level, I strongly say that students, especially undergraduates should be daring enough to be vocal and voice their thoughts according to ways deem polite and proper in our society. No point complaining till the cows come home because they never will.

If you are not satisfied with something going on, talk to your supervisor or fellow or master or what name they go by. If that fail, write an official complain letter to student affairs division. In the worst scenario, be prepared to have gatherings of student to show your dissatisfaction to the administration of the university. I nearly did that in my university when the administration were said to be doing some 'funny' decision without the students' consent.

Therefore, my advice is to TAKE CHARGE of your life and charter how the water should flow and not follow the current blindly like a clueless boat. Make full use of this short span of 3-5 years of study to get ready to face the real world.


Mohamad Hilman bin Nordin said...

great, mr thinker is back!

I missed Wanted. I dunno whether it is still up or not. when my bro went for it, I passed. thought it was something like another action movie.

but when my father said it was like Vantage Point, i know I missed something good.

mr. thinker, more thoughts please! its a pleasure to read your writings.

Bry@nt ThE tHiNkEr said...

Hi Hilman,
Glad to hear feedbacks..always welcome thinky thoughts..haha

I would try to pen down as much as possible (when possible). I miss our discussion and look forward to seeing you around