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Monday, August 25, 2008

For the LOVE of nation, race and religion

These are the few words that are always being said by many people especially in the political arena. Nonetheless, I wonder whether race and religion is really necessary anymore in this age. Am I saying that we should forget 100% clean of race and religion? Definitely NO!!

What I am trying to imply is that we should focus 100% on nation-hood while letting race and religion tail behind. Nation-hood is the only way forward for Malaysians to be truly Malaysians-eating the same nasi lemak and roti canai in the morning and drinking the same teh tarik during tea time without being afraid of intentional food poisoning for ethnic cleansing.

The trend has begun for everybody in Malaysia to swear by the name of Allah. It first started by the famous Saiful who nobody knew before the scandalous event, then comes the ex-MB, Deputy PM and who knows who else more to come. I'm by far no Islam scholar, but it seems to me that the sacred name of GOD is simply challenge among the low-beings that He created long long time ago before creation started. It seems that anybody and everybody is so eager to swear by the Holy Name that I don't think they are really scared of 'Laknat' anymore. Religion should be left out in political gimmick (no matter how holy you try to justify the means).

What makes matter worst is when 'holy man' of Islam puts other religion to blame. Claiming that its a Christian way to swear by God's name on the Holy Bible. Just to justify my claims, everybody can check the 10 Commandments that God-Jehovah Jireh gave to Moses. Thou shall not use the name of God in vain. Click on the link and see for yourselve. Of course, if wikipedia is not a trustworthy source for some, do flip through the Holy Bible and see for yourself.

Back to what I want to share.

I strongly believe that religion should never be used to gain political sympathy especially twisted tales and narrow interpretation. Authority on religion should be the final bastion of redeeming and protecting the cause. Individuals who are overly zealous would come across as Jihad warriors and praise by those who holds the same faith but at the same time, I also believe that Allah would not condone rude and vulgar manner used on yet believers as they are His creation too.

By the way, I don't understand what's the whole fuss on the usage of the word Allah by non-Muslims in this country too. After all, it's only an Arabic equivalent to the word God.

Wiki: Allah (Arabic: الله, Allāh, IPA: [ʔalˤːɑːh] pronunciation (help·info)) is the standard Arabic word for 'God.'[1] While the term is best known in the West for its use by Muslims as a reference to God, it is used by Arabic-speakers of all Abrahamic faiths, including Christians and Jews, in reference to "God".[2][1][3] The term was also used by pagan Meccans as a reference to the creator-god, possibly the supreme deity in pre-Islamic Arabia.[4]

Check this out too while you're browsing along in cyber world.


"Praying hand for True Peace and Unity in Malaysia"

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