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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ketuanan Melayu or Malay Supremacy

Dear readers, I'm so glad this morning when I decided to 'lepak' awhile in cyber space although I'm suppose to be studying in library for my next paper. I was elated and just can't control myself to pen something here which is relevent to my last post.

I'm glad that our Prime Minister finally came out with a statement regarding 'ketuanan Melayu' or Malay Supremacy. I'm happy that the air is kind of being cleared off as non-Malay feels belittled in our on Nation which is the only country we (non-Malays) know actually. Malaysians! We must come to a point where differences which are not critical to nation building must be put aside for a more supreme ultimate aim. To be consistent with my believe, speaking as a non-Malay might not give me enough mileage to convince my Malay Bro&Sis; however, my belief will keep my going and God Willing, help us all who are born on Bumi Malaysia to see the wider perspective of what Malaysia means to all and where are we heading as a nation who prides itself with colourful culture and rich 'flavour' of races and religion.

Being a skeptic and pessimist at times, I hope all this statements which are being put in press such as Hisham (UMNO Youth Chief) apologising and Pak Lah justifying the meaning of 'Ketuanan Melayu' was given in good faith (not for political advancement), People accept it in good faith too, Opposition (no matter from within or without) don't sensationalise the whole episode to create more division and doubting...

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