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Friday, April 25, 2008

Exam Feva Again & my thoughts...

It's the time of the year again when you fret and hope that time just stand still at times (when you havent finish revision) and it just goes by fast and faster esp. when you are either confident or just too cocky to admit you don't know how to do it..

Well, I'm currently in my office looking throught certain stuff and check mail. Suppose to revise my paper for Monday but seem to be spending a lil' more time surfing on certain 'kepo' national politic agenda and Facebook (which I'm so amature at).

Anyway, was looking at my blog then some guilt feeling came over me coz it's been too long since I wrote anything. Wanted to blog on many issues but exam feeling just hampered the whole 'joy' of blogging. Issues such as Malay agenda, where are Malays heading-which involves how we live together as truly Malaysians. For those of you who are truly looking ahead of Malaysians being Malaysians, check out what Dr. Azmi Sharom (Law lecturer of Uni. Malaya) and Dina Zaman (Star column writer) has to say (I'll try to find the link).

For the pejuang Melayu out there, take not to heart as if you really care on your race and the unity of the nation, we have to look ahead of race and religion which to me has hindered Malaysia from progressing by leaps and bound. Not many will agree with me but I strongly believe that the only way we can love and cherish each other is when true understanding is forge. The nation is doing not bad, but we could be doing much better if the community at large could see that Malay Rights are bounded by our Constitution which is almost impossible to amend (so Malay bro&sis, don't be played by our racist politicians), NEP be reviewed to protect the poor (for now, only Malay elites benefit from it. Poor Malays are marginalised too. Look at Kelantan and Terengganu, why aren't our government giving "equal" development as promise!!).

With regards to all have been said, the other ethnic races in Malaysia should also buck up to sincerely forge Unity through understanding. Be brave enough to voice out the disatisfaction or clear out all doubts and syak-wasangka that clouds your mind. By talking behind would not solve anything, if not worsening the whole situation.

Experience gain by being a Vice President of MPMUM has open my perspective as an undergraduate. But this would have to continue after my exams...

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