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Monday, March 31, 2008

Is there changes coming?

It's been some time since I last post any entry here. Things have been hectic for me. For past two weeks, I've been handling the convocation issue with a few friends in the student council which came to a fruitful discussion and result. Wanted to blog it here but the details would take some time before completing it and I need to prepare for three other assignments. I guess that would just need to take a halt and wait ya.

Anyway, below is an article I receive from a friend. Just thought of sharing it here with all.

Dear All,

I am sure everyone is concerned when they heard that Khairy is coming to Penang's State Mosque this Thursday (20th March 2008) for a speech.
What would he be talking about? UMNO? Is this Public Speech approved by the government? How can our Government just approved a Public Speech?
I'm sure he will be talking about Malay Rights. Actually, I don't mind the Malay keeping their Rights. In fact, CM Lim Guan Eng never talked anything like
abolishing Malay Rights. Such as the 5% for Bumiputra, Malay Reserve Lands and etc. In fact, what I see is that the Malays' doesn't have much Rights too.
I have personally talked to few Malays' about this issue. They told me that they have never enjoyed any Malay Rights, they live their like exactly like us.
CM Lim Guan Eng only said to let MPPP Tender go Public and the UMNOs' make such loud noise. Even gathered to protest (last Friday) at Komtar.
Isn't this a clearer way of running a State? Or Country? No more Hidden Tenders' to Projects. Hidding Government Projects actually only benefit those who
have alot of money to give "corruption" to the Government. Those poorer contractors will never get to submit their plans for consideration. How can this be fair?
Does UMNO make noise because they will no longer play the "Demo Game"? Cause they are forced to play the "Real Deal" now? Do they protest because
they are afraid? Afraid or changes?

I cannot believe my ears when I heard that Mamak (Indian Muslims) are putting AIDS infected patient's blood into the curry to be served to the chinese & indians.
So that all we non-muslims' get AIDS? I just can't believe it. For those Nasi Kandar lovers, if you buy what you are hearing today. You should put a hold on to your
appetite. In fact, I personally take Roti Canai for breakfast this morning. Now I am afraid too. What kind of Government is this? Making citizens fear for their life?
Come on, UMNO had their chance for 50 years of rulling. Why can't they just give others a chance, it's only 5 years. I do not want to live in a country with fear & terror!
This is the funny thing about Malaysian Government.

Indians Protest ---> Hindraf
Hindrafs end up in ISA because voicing their existance in this country.

Malays Protest ----> UMNO
No issue, because BN lost in election. Government is pissed off.

Khairy's Public Speech = Approved Gathering
Anwar's Public Speech = Illegal Gathering

Is this a Democratic Country? I'm sure you know the truth...
This happens to many chinese, they want things to change but never got themselves to help changing!
Everyone just want to "Think About It", "Talk About It", "Read About It".....

What about "Doing It"?

If you still want to live in this country, please forward this..

Best Wishes,

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