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The Thinker
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Air Borne "Supremacy"

I was looking through my pictures as I was browsing through all the pictures I took this year and somehow this one really caught me as I've never taken such position before (mid-air post)..Woohoo..

Last few days was kinda taxing on me as I got this paper on Historical Thoughts of Economics. Hearing the title itself gives me the shivers as history is so 'dead' and I wonder how can you memorise so many things within such a short time. To make things worse, the lecturer didn't help us in revision or giving tips (as usual). Can you imagine craming everything that has been happening for the past one semester into your tiny brain in just 4 days.

Alright...alright...I admit that not starting earlier than that was my fault otherwise I won't be putting myself into this kind of mental torture, which sometimes just get me thinking; how many times have I told myself to work harder and study consistently after each and every exam passes? What kind of nonsense and crap have I gotten myself into?? I mean here I am graduating soon with a meagre CGPA that would get me a job, but just not the job that I want since I don't have the bargaining power with me. It never seems to amaze me how a wonderful creation by God can be as naive and procrastinate for 6 semester, telling over again and again on the same matter...

As I venture out into the corporate world, I believe this attitude would be gone as time to make mistake is kinda over. Time for speedy grow up or be shout at or BE FIRED!!!

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