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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Keris Issue Once More

Just had a relatively tough week as students fret exams time. While although I don't think I did too well AGAIN for exams after 6 semesters, I guess I should feel kind of 'elated' since there's no more semester exams for me after this (Pray So!!)

But then again, there will definitely be more exams after this. Professional papers if I am able to secure a job in the next few months or if I continue Master's programme. Anyhow, exams will not leave me alone till the day I meet My Lord in heaven. I guess one of the things He would ask me is 'Glad to finally return HOME eh my son!'

Anyway, I receive this comment from Hilman about my last entry on Ketuanan Melayu and would like to just share with all. In a way, I was surprise that my perseption on certain fraction of our community is wrong. I mean I thought majority Malays would kill me if they know me in person after reading my post (or at least feel like it =p) but I guess many are aware of how our country is heading; regardless of race. Education and exposure has really done a great job to re-mould our nation.

Do take time to check the link and read. Oh ya..drop me comments if you have any. If you don't feel comfortable letting all my readers know what you have to say or think on "Malaysia: Our Future", you can always drop me a mail at

Happy Reading Peeps!!!

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