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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

White Blouse Sexy??Attract rapist??

It's a wonder how come certain people would come out with such statement, saying that the way women folk or gals dress would cause them to be rape and sexually hurt in certain ways. When I notice this claims by such body who claims to be wise in religion, that 'blasted' me off..

I would agree that the current material is too thin and it is not so decent for our society especially in the interest of the girl herself, reviewing on the material should be of concern and not because it encourages rape and it gets more sick when certain male chauvinist in Malaysia's political arena have the 'stupidity' to utter that these women should just lay there and enjoy it since they can't change the situation. It saddens the intellectual minds of Malaysians that we are having these kind of leaders in our midst.

Nonetheless, that is what happens when you have an ideology who goes to the extreme and logical mind would not compensate nor comprehend.

If you are interested, see what Marina Mahathir has to say on this issue.


syudnuc said...

never put blame when u don knw the real fact. maybe we could do a bit experiment on this. u're science fac right? and u'r also a MAN! they have their right to lay their opinion. juz respesct that...JGN maki n caci sesuka hati. put pro n will be a good opinion then. TQ.

Bry@nt ThE tHiNkEr said...

Dear syudnuc,
Thanks for dropping your thoughts here.I'm honoured you actually visited.
Well firstly,I did not blame anyone if you did understand my post. I'm just appalled when religious scholars put forth such comments which I believe all women folk would despise regardless of religion. However, if you agree upon 'to just lie there when you're rape', I guess as you've said--I respect that decision of yours.
However,I do not understand what you mean by "do a bit experiment o this". What experiment are you referring to?

Lastly, I do believe my post was not dis-respectful to the women folk whom I have utmost respect =p