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Monday, June 9, 2008

University Act to Act UP

Learning Curve of News Strait Times (page H3)on 8th June 2008 (Sunday)wrote an article concerning the University and College University Act 1971 (UUCA) or more fondly known as Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti (AUKU) to many local undergrads. The article was written as a responds to the committment of the government to seriously look into the concerns held by student leaders from all walks of ideology. Some want it abolished and some want reviewing, I wonder how many else don't hold an opinion to it.

In my capacity of assisting to shape certain things that happen in this little world of mine called campus, I have my stand on UUCA or AUKU. To me, abolishing this act serves no purpose as what undergrads are not satisfied is not with the whole Act but to certain provisions in it. Undergrads of Malaysia these days have seen the wider and bigger world where educated citizens play the check and balance system as its not easy for politicians to 'screw' their way through and expect the Rakyat to believe just as it is. Education has help us see the wider picture and therefore grow passionate on certain issues which are close to our heart.

Although AUKU doesn't forbid undergrads to express themselves and voice their opinion, the Act does hinder the practise of speaking your mind out as the provisions given are not clear in meanings and the usual problem would arise in its implementation. Certain students from certain ideology (not parties because party does not exist physically in campus;not allowed too =p)face more 'presecution' if I may put it that way when things seem to go otherwise for students on a different ideology when arguments break out.

My concern would be more on promoting undergrads who are aware politically of their surrounding, being passionate on economic issues, fairness in all treatment regardless of race, religion and ethnicity; which to me is what our BN government is thristing for too. Nonetheless, things always look good and presentable on paper, great visions and missions, wonderful phrases to descibe how we see Malaysia in year 2020 BUT my question is WHICH PART OF IMPLEMENTATION can we see that happening?

Questions I would like to raise and ponder in respond:
1.) If NEP was sincere in helping the hardcore poor, how come we still have many poor villages suffering without electricity and water? (Let's not even get started with East Malaysians suffering in the interior)
2.) If equality in economy share is of great concern to surpress poverty, how come policies such as discount rates for Bumiputera ONLY when purchasing property being practice? With logical mind, does a millionaire or billionaire of Bumiputera descend deserve that kind of financial help when compared to the poor farmer in the sawah padi trying to eek a living when both are Bumiputeras?
3.) If our constitution has promise that Malay Special Rights are there to stay, why is the leading party of Malaysia (BN-UMNO) playing the tune to spark racial dissatisfaction when giving public speeches? (Is that necessary?)
4.) If our constitution has promise the freedom of practising the belief/religion you have, why then do government interfere when courts are ruling religious based cases? Shouldn't the matter of religion remain between the believer and his/her GOD; unless and until it causes MAJOR national disunity (which remains subjective to the interpretation of individuals)
5.) If the nation would truly want to progress and develop to compete with other countries, should not Meritrocacy outshine Quota system? Wouldn't we as Malaysians want to see the BEST candidate be in leadership position rather than 'pakar main politik'. I mean I would not mind voting/supporting the best candidate even though he/she is of different ethnicity; be it a Malay, Indian, Chinese etc brother or sister because at the end of the day, we are all Malaysians right?

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