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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Price Hike Again??

I believe the nation has been shock again by the price hike announced on such a short notice by our government. What a wonderful way to thank voters who voted in March 08'. Which actually leads me to think whether the cabinet actually appreciates the votes they have attained?

I've two things to comment on the recent price hike, which I would just comment briefly as I believe knowledgable Malaysians would have thought of these few points and might have actually tackled it even deeper.

Firstly, from the economic point of view, I believe the subsidy system is not a long term solution as the government would not be able to sustain growth and efficient management. We can claim that our oil price is the lowest in the region but thinking back, the subsidy only benefits the rich more than the poor. Simple analysis, who uses car that consumes more petrol? Who drives further and longer journeys? Is it the poor fellow who tries to fork a living on a motorcycle or the business man/ government officer who plays golf and sauna every evening? Of course, let's not forget how 'generous' the government has been all these years, giving subsidy to neighbouring countrymen who earns relatively more but spend like lords in Malaysia.
Besides the point above, the society would need to look deeper into the matter as WE need to realise that all these subsidies are from tax payers eventually. The government is not stupid in its planning either. Subsidy would definitely come from another source without us realising. I can't comment further or elaborate much as I don't have the facts with me but thinking along this line would help us see the bigger picture.
White elephant projects need to go, individual MEGA projects need to be more transparent for RAKYAT to know where is our hard earn money going to, special priviledges given to ministers and family need to be reviewed and etc. People in power always have ways and means to cover their ass and its up to YOU AND ME to ensure that doesn't happen. Ask questions and query their actions!!
To conclude my first point, it was time to review (or raise) our petrol price. But read on to my next point....

Secondly, speaking from a voters point of view, I have to say that my confidence in the promises of the current government has been shaken. I admire and respect Pak Lah for who he is but I guess, even he has his downfall (Let me clarify that I'm neither a Tun supporter ok!). Barisan National or Pak Lah has promise that price of petrol would not be raised within the short span if they win the 12th General Elections but shortly after winning with a smaller majority, price of petrol went up with a HUGE percentage if compared to before. Understanding that our economy doesn't permit subsidies to linger too long but my point is that the current government had promise the RAKYAT and it is very dissapointing when I heard about this news. In other words, I come to conclude that our government's promises are just saliva in the air!!
This issue of saliva in the air seems to be common feature in government department. Just to side track awhile ya..I've this experience in University when I question about certain elauns for the student facilatator during orientation. The Vice Chancellor promised to raise the amount from RM100 to RM120 in 2006 and when I question in 2007 (a year later) why the elauns is not out and whether the amount would be as stated in the promise, I was answered very sarcastically by the then TNC who has move on to be the VC in another local Uni that whether we submitted a letter to his office regarding this matter when he was personally there when VC promise it. I was so shocked to hear such reply coming from an academician cum politician in campus because it means that promises made in public, in front of more than 1000 students hold no ground...WTH!!

SO,that's all I have to say on this issue. Our county is going through evolution at the moment and I pray we who are AWAKEN would stear this nation towards betterment. Racial biasness and hatred instilled by the government or our forefathers need to be left behind. We need to de-learn to re-learn. I'm glad to say that I've some good Malay friends who exchange ideas with me during this term as student council Vice President and I would like to just mention a few here; its ironic that these are the people who are labeled opposition in student movement: Hilman and Shahir. We don't always see our points eye to eye (arguing at times) but at least they are honest enough to acknowledge and be frank with me, unlike certain leaders we have.

May ALLAH the almighty, the Alpha and Omega give us blessing to carry on the good fight!!

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