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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reformis to Go NUDE..

When I first read about Reformis applying for a nude protest, the first question that came through my naive mind was, even if the police gave them the permit, I wonder whether they will keep to their word and strip??

In Malaysian context, to even walk in the streets shirtless would have been obscene and most probably if its my female counterpart, the police would have brought you into lockup as its said to disturb the society at large since we're 'conservative', not like Western societies.

Nonetheless, its my personal believe that this would yet be another political 'sandiwara'. I would definitely want those who refute my claim to prove that if all things failed and none of the demands made by Reformis are materialise, Reformis will really strip nude in protest. Why even bother putting 'lee way' or escape route like "We wanted a police permit to strip in front of the State Secretariat as a sign of protest but we were denied it, so, now we will stalk the Mentri Besar and go butt naked when we get the chance,” said movement president Ramlan Abu Bakar.

Just strip in public in protest to show your dissatisfaction. It would get you on front page anyway. Unless like I said earlier, its all just a show or putting some spices into our dull Malaysian robotic life where everything is in denial and scandal as claimed by people on TOP!!

Just to add somemore spice to all this wayang kulit also, please ensure some religious body are present when Reformis strip. Because at that time, the whole strip protest would turn into a religious issue too. You would have some religiously upright person or Pak Imam criticising on their act ('their' meaning the Muslim involve; I'm assuming that Reformis are made out of Malay member only) which are un-Islamic and the show goes on.

I wonder how much more longer could the sane and responsible Malaysians take all this nonsense that's happening. Once in awhile, we appreciate some 'spices' in our dull life but at certain point in time, don't these guys have better methods or alternative to solve problems/complications??

Having said all those above, its my sincere hope that our present Government and Opposition take to heart that WE the laymen are getting upset with all these nonsense. Please don't test our patience or we-the younger generation-will arise and ensure that your 'empire' of 51 years will crumble. That is our promise!!


May the good LORD bless our little step to betterment (CHANGE sounds too cliche in today's context)

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