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Friday, October 24, 2008

It's been a long break for the Thinker

Many of friends have been wondering where have I gone to or whether I've quit from blogging after leaving campus and started working.

Anyway, I'm back into the blogging atmosphere and would continue to write on issues that I think I may contribute to building critical thoughts and critics from readers.

Malaysia is indeed going through interesting time with no special reference whether its good or bad, but in a way that is hopefully going to rebuild this nation to awaken from its short-coming and ignorance created by our politicians and fore-fathers. They indeed help build Malaysia to where and how it is now but let's not forget that they 'contributed' to all our calamities in terms of allowing race sentiments to be played each General Elections, allowing wrong interpretation of what Ketuanan Melayu (malay supremacy), what special rights are meant in the Federal Constitution, what do we mean by social contract that was agreed upon.

With OKT leaving the second largest component party of BN as president, we're able to observe what are the sentiments that component parties are feeling. UMNO being the 'tai ko' in the family has all the decision making influence. There's no point denying actually since we all are aware of the reality. Example, the Prime Minister must gain the trust of the majority which we all know is UMNO President then when comes to decisioin making for the nation, UMNO supreme council supercedes the Cabinet of Malaysia in reality.

Am I saying that UMNO is a big bully? Are all the leaders or Ministers from UMNO not sincere in building this nation based on shared values and national identify rather than racial identity?

In fact, I wonder which politician can explain to me what is the meaning to be a Malaysian? How do you describe who is a Malaysian? Its a very complicated issue if you ask me. Reason due to how this nation was build historically (and that means going even before Parameswara's time, government text book answers).

Stay tuned for more insights on my little thougths...


Mohamad Hilman bin Nordin said...

yeah, its been a long time since you last jotted in the blogospehere. its been a long time since I exchange SMSes with you regarding the future of the country.

getting to read this made me feel assured that you are still committed to Bangsa Malaysia's mission to see changes in our beloved country.

Love those days when we were working together. Nice working with you, Bryant.

do update regularly, ok? There are a lot of 'stalkers' who would like to read your thoughts regardless of their intentions. =)

Bry@nt ThE tHiNkEr said...

hey Hilman, I guess i can award you the most loyal reader of Thinker's bloggy..haha

Hope to blog more soon also.

I went through some tough moment recently, you shall know why later after I update ya.

God Bless