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Monday, February 18, 2008

12th General Election of Malaysia

Our 12th General Election is coming. What are the voices of the mass and especially the young of Malaysia?? Think and vote wisely. The tick is worth thinking about since it's going to be five year 'reign' by whoever who wins (although we know who would!!)
Anyway, below is an article written by one of my friend who is political conscience and because e is also a law student and in the Student Representative Council of University Malaya. I do not claim any credit on this write up but just to share with all. Do read on...Lastly, Malaysians, go out to VOTE!!!

Attach: Written by Vignesh
In recent weeks, the world’s attention shifted to the presidential elections in America. Obviously, it is all because a black man and a woman stand a legitimate chance to be the President. Either way,it writes a new page in the history book of the United States. Back home, Malaysia is having her 12th general elections as well. As usual, nation wide campaign has begun and media has been deploying their squad to the scene. Every day, the general public hears that the economy is doing well, the people are safe in this country, how important for us to be united and how stupid is the opposition.
We seem to be a troubleless society now after everything that happened for the past four or five years. Politicians visit their constituencies and they settle all the problems there and in their ceramahs they say that we are all Malaysians with equal treatment and opportunities.
Honestly however, I can only see this happening now. Why can it be like this all the time? Back to the American elections, what caught my attention besides Obama and Clinton is the process of democracy practiced there. Even though America is currently ruled by a Republican Government, the Democrats are given full access to the media and campaign could be done technically anywhere in the country. Is it possible the same thing do happen in our country? Well, the opposition in this country does have their say in the papers but it is just a 2 inch column in the 5th page. Mainstream media always serve as the most effective tool of campaign for the ruling party. Another interesting point to note is that this time around, there are approximately 700 000 new young voters.
This bulk of young people care about the fate of their country and they want to have a say in building this nation. Sadly however what values does this election teaches them? The people in power always have an upper hand over the others? The majority overrules the minority? Many even choose not to register to vote because of the feeling that nothing will change even if they vote.

Pathetic…However, the young who still has faith that they can make a change, the time has come.

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